The Roanoke Times

For four years I was a busi­ness and tech­nol­o­gy reporter for the Roanoke Times — a 90,000-circulation dai­ly paper in Southwest Virginia.

A down-to-earth way to heat schools

Published September 9, 2005

Geothermal sys­tems use the Earth’s nat­ur­al tem­per­a­ture as a fur­nace and air conditioner.

A cut above

Published September 9, 2004

A new com­put­er sys­tem at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital means bet­ter knee surgery … and longer-last­ing knees.

Laser ‘eye’ helps spike up NS tracks

Published July 7, 2004

Take lasers, com­put­ers and a 3‑D imag­ing sys­tem, mount them on a rail­road car, and you have Spiker Eyes, a device Norfolk Southern is devel­op­ing to auto­mate its reg­u­lar track maintenance.