And … action!

Published June 6, 2021
Silly me, I didn't remember that Foundation was an action story. 🙄

Best bandanas

Published June 6, 2021
Forget the "10 best headphones in 2021." Consumer electronics has nothing on GQ's "19 Best Bandanas 2021": https://www.gq.com/gallery/best-bandanas-2021

Don’t mix these up

Published June 6, 2021

You prob­a­bly don’t want to mix these two items up, even if Amazon thinks they’re related.

Good timing

Published June 6, 2021

A side effect of my new med­ica­tion is — no joke — an urge to shop. And today is Prime Day. Yay?…

No periods required

Published June 6, 2021
Today I learned that the Chicago Manual of Style allows using am and pm (no periods) as well as a.m. and p.m. One more way it's better than AP style.

Oh boy

Published June 6, 2021

Why is “uterus” mas­cu­line? Why isn’t it “utera”?…

The Walgreens technician

Published June 6, 2021
I was surprised that not only was the @Walgreens technician not vaccinated, but that she didn't say anything to the unmasked customers talking to her. So, you're in healthcare?

Truvia-sugar equivalence

Published February 2, 2016
One Truvia packet = 48 sugars. Because it will take that much to get the taste of Truvia out of your mouth.

“Alcohol was involved”

Published February 2, 2016

Knife-wield­ing mon­key ter­ror­izes Brazilian bar after guz­zling some rum — WaPo…

There Will Come Soft Rains

Published January 1, 2016

Robins will wear their feath­ery fire,
Whistling their whims on a low fence-wire……