May 14, 2020

Shoo, porpoise, shoo!

Small "pingers" keep porpoises away from fishing nets, and don't seem to bother them at all.

Dueling studies: Coffee

Too much coffee may be bad for you, but just enough can help lower women's body fat.

A visual ‘prosthetic’ for the blind

In an early proof of concept, researchers were able to have blind people "see" letters via brain stimulation.

“Shapeshifting vampire demon anchovy”

A new, freaky looking prehistoric fish was discovered in Pakistan. Emphasis on "freaky looking."

Laughing at penguin poop

Penguin poop apparently emits a lot of nitrous oxide. Bad for the environment, but funny for researchers.

Saving face

Beard hair isn't just a fashion thing — it may protect hipsters' faces from inevitable punches.

May 13, 2020

Convenient result from a cancer study

Researchers at @USC claim an amazing cancer treatment ... that just happens to involve a product the university has a financial interest in.

Moths are important after all

Apparently they're pretty big pollinators, just not they way researchers expected.

Cats can get, and transmit, Covid-19

They don't show symptoms, but they can carry it for a while — and give it to humans.

I’m just gonna let this headline speak for itself

Shockingly, sex robots are off the table. Sorry, guys.

T. Rex running the long game

T. Rex's long legs may have been about finding prey rather than chasing it down.

The bad news: psychology and Covid

As the pandemic continues, psychosis may become more of an issue.

Wiggle up that hill

Georgia Tech has made a wiggly-wheeled rover than can do well on Mars.

May 12, 2020

Lois Lane’s next dress

A new kind of radiation shielding is cheaper to make and much lighter than lead.

Daddy, I want a volcano that erupts diamonds!

A Russian volcano's lava contained diamonds, which is pretty unusual.

Calcium, mitochondria, and Alzheimer’s

Targeting plaque in the brain hasn't worked, but there might be a better option: calcium buildup.

Does this smell like arson to you?

Arsonists beware: Dogs are really, really good at detecting gasoline.

A different kind of recycling

One way to recycle restaurant waste: Feed it to maggots and make them into pet food.

Don’t poke that avocado

More than 30 percent of avocados are damaged just by testing for ripeness. Time to bring in the lasers.

You can’t just ask politely

Telling a dinosaur's sex from fossils is well-nigh impossible. And we won't get into the gender issue.

May 11, 2020

In a clear Chardonnay, you can see forever

Great use for nanotechnology: keeping white wine clear.

History under their feet

An Italian sinkhole revealed an ancient Roman road.

Flora scoping

A new technique makes it easier to find potential medicines in various plants.

The Holstein approach

Penn State researchers are bringing back some "lost" lines of Holstein cows.

Paying it backward

Tools found in a Bulgarian cave suggest that Homo sapiens passed their ideas to Neanderthals living at the same time.

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