Pox News

Published June 13, 2021

First: A human woman was infect­ed with cow­pox she got from her cat. That is not some­thing (thank­ful­ly) you read every day.

Today, cow­pox is rare in cat­tle, and the main reser­voir is rodents, accord­ing to the Merck Veterinary Manual. Cats can become infect­ed when they kill rodents car­ry­ing cow­pox, but trans­mis­sion from cats to peo­ple is rare,

WARNING: Article con­tains photo.

Second: Wales is report­ing its sec­ond case of a human with mon­key­pox. How rare is that? Rare enough that my spell-check­er doesn’t rec­og­nize (or even recog­nise) “mon­key­box.”

WARNING: Article also con­tains photo.

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