They DON’T move in herds. They DON’T move in herds.

Published May 7, 2020

Well, they don’t move in packs, any­way. Raptors, that is. Despite what we learned from the 1993 doc­u­men­tary “Jurassic Park,” it seems that the lat­est info out of Oshkosh (the University of Wisconsin, specif­i­cal­ly) is that rap­tors did­n’t hunt togeth­er because that would mean the young would hunt with their parents.

The evi­dence? Their teeth indi­cate that their diets changed as they grew.

“This means the young were not being fed by the adults, which is why we believe Jurassic Park was wrong about rap­tor behavior.”

Oh, yeah, and they have feath­ers now.

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