Saving face

Published May 14, 2020

Beard hair may not exist sim­ply to pro­claim your hip­ster sta­tus — it may actu­al­ly offer some pro­tec­tion from being punched in the face (some­thing we assume hip­sters are con­cerned about).

A study pub­lished in Integrative Organismal Biology finds that yes, a thick beard could pro­tect you if you’re punched in the throat.

[H]aving a full beard may help pro­tect vul­ner­a­ble regions of the facial skele­ton from dam­ag­ing strikes, such as the jaw. Presumably, full beards also reduce injury, lac­er­a­tion and con­tu­sion, to the skin and mus­cle of the face.

The tests were done using sheep­’s wool and a pur­pose-build machine, rather than the tra­di­tion­al grad stu­dent subjects.

He’s ready for you.…

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