Plastics follow the food

Published May 2, 2020

It real­ly isn’t sur­pris­ing that there’s a lot of plas­tic being found in the ocean. Not just what you can see, but “microplas­tics” as well. In fact, University of Manchester* researchers found “the high­est lev­els of microplas­tics ever record­ed on the seafloor.”

What’s of note is that these microplas­tics are being car­ried by the same cur­rents that also car­ry nutri­ents and oxygen.

And so by fol­low­ing the same route, the microplas­tics could be set­tling into bio­di­ver­si­ty hotspots, increas­ing the chance of inges­tion by marine life.

* Manchester, England England
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