Lois Lane’s next dress

Published May 12, 2020

Using lead as a radi­a­tion shield is so old-school. North Carolina State University researchers think they can bring it into the 21st cen­tu­ry. They’ve come up with a “poly­mer com­pound embed­ded with bis­muth tri­ox­ide par­ti­cles” that’s quick and easy to make and — most impor­tant­ly when you’re think­ing about space trav­el* — much lighter than lead.

Curses, foiled again

“We have deter­mined that the com­pound is effec­tive at shield­ing gam­ma rays, is light­weight and is strong. We are work­ing to fur­ther opti­mize this tech­nique to get the best per­for­mance from the material.”

* And who isn’t thinking about space travel?
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