Laughing at penguin poop

Published May 14, 2020

Penguin poop may not smell like ros­es, but it does make you laugh — it’s appar­ent­ly chock full of nitrous oxide. And yes, researchers (those shifty Danes) got to pub­lish a study about it.

They titled it, “Combined effects of glacial retreat and pen­guin activ­i­ty on soil green­house gas flux­es on South Georgia, sub-Antarctica,” but they said, “After nos­ing about in guano for sev­er­al hours, one goes com­plete­ly cuckoo.”

And what did they com­pare it to? Not the den­tist’s office, but “The small nitrous oxide cylin­ders that you see lying in and float­ing around Copenhagen.”

Artist’s con­cep­tion

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