How come they don’t get sick?

Published May 10, 2020

Did you wor­ry about the pan­golins when it came out that they might have been the crit­ters that trans­mit­ted SARS-CoV‑2 to humans? Fear not!

It turns out that viral infec­tions don’t both pan­golins. Why? No clue. But they’re miss­ing the kind of anti-viral defens­es that most oth­er ani­mals have.

He’s hid­ing something

“Our work shows that pan­golins have sur­vived through mil­lions of years of evo­lu­tion with­out a type of antivi­ral defense that is used by all oth­er mam­mals. Further stud­ies of pan­golins will uncov­er how they man­age to sur­vive viral infec­tions, and this might help to devise new treat­ment strate­gies for peo­ple with viral infections.”

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