New baby, bigger footprint

Published April 26, 2020

Becoming a par­ent might make you think about the future more, but a Swedish study found that once you do, your car­bon foot­print grows, big time.

“While hav­ing chil­dren makes peo­ple focus more on the future and, pre­sum­ably, care more about the envi­ron­ment, our study sug­gests that par­ent­hood does not cause peo­ple to become ‘green­er.’ In fact, the dif­fer­ence in CO2 emis­sions between par­ents and non­par­ents is substantial.”

More trans­porta­tion is part of that, and so is being tired and eat­ing a lot of “pre-pre­pared, red meat car­bon-inten­sive meals.”

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