It’s not just the nickname of that guy in your dorm

Published April 29, 2020

“Crazy beast” — or Adalatherium hui — is its name. It lived 50 mil­lion years ago amongst the dinosaurs, but it was a mam­mal … a real­ly weird mam­mal whose home was where Madagascar is today.

It looks like a bad­ger, but one that got caught in a trans­porter acci­dent: It had wide back legs like a rep­tile, walked with side-to-side motion, had long claws on its back feet and rodent-like teeth. And it was 100 times larg­er than oth­er Mesozoic mammals.

“Its many unique­ly bizarre fea­tures defied expla­na­tion in terms of rela­tion­ships to oth­er mam­mals. In this sense, it was a ‘crazy beast’.”

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