Earbuds to enlarge your stomach

Published April 27, 2020

It’s called a “tran­scu­ta­neous auric­u­lar vagus nerve stim­u­la­tor” because no one both­ered to pay the mar­ket­ing department.

Put in the ear, it deliv­ers puls­es of elec­tri­cal cur­rent (pain­less!) to the vagus nerve, which runs down to the gut, and (researcher say), helped peo­ple with indi­ges­tion — i.e., helped their stom­achs’ “abil­i­ty to accom­mo­date and process a meal.”

How does it work? “taVNS helped par­tic­i­pants’ stom­achs expand to accom­mo­date the meal.”

And: “In addi­tion, the stom­ach emp­tied more quick­ly dur­ing the 80 min­utes fol­low­ing the meal.”

So … yay?

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