Could a cotton-silk combo filter SARS-CoV‑2?

Published April 24, 2020

I take any­thing from the American Chemical Society with a grain of salt, but this is notable because of my ear­li­er post about how cloth makes a poor virus filter.

The ACS is claim­ing that a com­bi­na­tion of cot­ton (tight­ly woven) and silk (can hold a sta­t­ic elec­tric charge) will work well.

One lay­er of a tight­ly woven cot­ton sheet com­bined with two lay­ers of poly­ester-span­dex chif­fon — a sheer fab­ric often used in evening gowns — fil­tered out the most aerosol par­ti­cles (80–99%, depend­ing on par­ti­cle size), with per­for­mance close to that of an N95 mask mate­r­i­al. Substituting the chif­fon with nat­ur­al silk or flan­nel, or sim­ply using a cot­ton quilt with cot­ton-poly­ester bat­ting, pro­duced sim­i­lar results.


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