Today I discovered Fakespot

Published September 9, 2016

Too many Amazon reviews these days are from people who “received this product free” (or for a discount) for their “honest and unbiased opinion.” Uh-huh. Load of crap, and it makes it harder to find real reviews I can trust.

In general, I tend to avoid products with too many of those kinds of reviews, especially as I usually see the real reviews are much worse. Today I am happy. Today I found Fakespot: Enter an Amazon product link and Fakespot will analyze the reviews and tell you if they seem suspicious. If so, on to the next product.

Check this out — I almost bought this bike basket, but I got turned off my the number of got-this-at-a-discount reviews. I ran it through Fakespot.


Seems I was right not to trust them.

Caveat: It took several minutes to run the review because it appears to verify each reviewer. Too many positive posts with too many superlatives means untrustworthy. Nifty!


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