Oklahoma faces reality: Math is hard, and budgets don’t magically balance

Published May 5, 2016

Oklahoma, in which the geniuses that run the state convinced themselves that lower taxes would magically mean more revenue, is learning that math is math. Now the state is faced with a $1.3 budget deficit. Solution: Turn to the federal government for help — in the form of Medicaid expansion.

Despite hate-hate-hating Obamacare, the state is now considering accepting those federal Medicaid dollars to take the strain off its own budget. And with one in five (!) Oklahomans on Medicaid, that’s a sizable chunk of change.

How did the state get into this fix? By lowering taxes, of course — and then learning that (whoa!) when people pay you less money you actually get less money.

There’s still plenty of opposition, of course, most amounting to — let’s be honest here — “Let them die.” Health care, after all, is like food or a home: If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t get it.

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