Pentel beats Pilot — a bit of pen snobbery

Published April 4, 2016

So I like to use nice pens. Not $200 wastes of money — I mean a good $2 or $3 pen as opposed to the 30-cent Bics or other junky ones. I like it to write smoothly. There are a lot of good pens that I’m happy to use.

Apparently Pilot G-2 pens are among the favorites of folks like me, so I bought a bunch of them a year ago. Well I don’t know what they were thinking — the G-2 is smooth, but it also tends to get ‘globby’ and leave a big ol’ ball of ink when you start writing. And two of the 12 I bought leaked. So… no thanks.

My current favorite is the Pentel EnerGel. Really smooth, dries fast, no globbing. It’s as good as the Uni-balls I usually buy, and I find I like the needle tip better. I own two, and I bought a pack of 12 refills. And then I found that the refills fit the Pilot G-2 bodies! (And the Uni-ball Signo as well!) Well cool. This means I can swap out the leaky, globby Pilot ink in the G-2s (which are still around the house) with the Pentel refills.

Yeah, yeah, it’s silly. But I found that I would reach for a pen, see a Pilot, and hesitate. (I couldn’t make myself throw them out because… um… you never know. It’s better than nothing. Or something.) Now those Pilot bodies are sporting the excellent Pentel EnerGel ink and I don’t feel nearly as bad throwing out the Pilot ink.

I need to get a life.

  1. D.A.Cairns says:

    I have never had a problem with Bic Cristal M. the work from the start until the ink runs out. Black, blue or red, it’s all good. I have also found Papermate’s Kilometrico to be very reliable as well, although I have never measured the length of all the words I have written with one.

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