My pen snobbery is rewarded in a small way

Published February 2, 2016

uniballSo I’m a bit of a pen snob — I throw out any of those 39-cent junk pens if I see them around the house. While I love me a nice fountain pen, I find for daily writing I prefer a really good (disposable) rollerball or gel pen. (There’s a difference in the inks, and both tend to be smoother than a standard ballpoint.)

My brand of choice is Uni-ball (aka Uniball or Uni) because they write wonderfully, and — unlike the Pilot G2 (that many people love) I find they don’t leak or smudge easily. I only wish they had more models available in green ink in boxes of 10 or 12.

Anyway, I dug out a box of Old Things I had put away from the late 1990s, and there was a half-full box of low-end Uniball pens I had bought when I lived in Connecticut. Nifty! Even better, after 20 years sitting in a drawer they still wrote perfectly. Simple stuff, but it made me smile.