Samsung’s useless notebook finder

Published February 2, 2013

I was browsing through notebook computers, looking for something netbook-like — giving up power for a smaller size and longer battery life.

Anyway, browsing the Samsung site (because I liked the size of the one used by Watson on “Sherlock”) I had a chance to search for a computer that met my specs. But here’s the first search option:


This is useless. Why, Samsung, why? How the hell do I know what the difference is between your various “Series”? Is the Series 9 the top of the line, or is that for your smallest machines? Maybe Series 5 is netbooks, while Series 3 is entertainment oriented.

Bottom line: No one is going to know what your cute little internal classifications mean. How about giving me choices like “Desktop replacement,” “Ultra-portable,” “Chromebook,” and so on?


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