Why Amazon Prime is bad for the environment

Published January 1, 2013

So I need some pencil erasers. I could drive over to Office Max or Staples, but both are out of the way.

But wait! We have a subscription to Amazon Prime! For $70-something a year, we get discounts on stuff and — more importantly — two-day delivery is free. For anything. (And from experience, I’d say that 25 percent of the time, two-day actually only takes one day.)

So when I need something like these erasers, rather than go out in the rain I’ll just order it from Amazon and get it in a day or so.

I wonder how much extra fuel (and other resources) are used to bring that little pack to my door — from it being picked and packed at Amazon’s warehouse, to boxed up with bubble wrap, to picked up by UPS and sent through its maze of distribution centers, to driven to my front door.

Ach, who cares? Erasers at my doorstep!

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