Deaf three year old told to change his name

Published August 8, 2012

I KILL YOU!A deaf preschooler has a sign-language sign for his name. Apparently, it kinda sorta looks like he’s making a gun with two fingers and his thumb. So the school has banned him from using his name because it’s considered something that looks like a weapon.

To quote Dave Barry: I’m not making this up.

Here’s how this is supposed to go:

School has ridiculously stupid policy — or a reasonable policy taken to an absurd extreme. The foolishness of this policy is pointed out by the rational world. School realizes how foolish it is, issues vague statement to the effect of “Well, gosh, I guess we could make an exception.” Normalcy returns.

Instead, no one involved (on the school’s side) seems to be able to channel the third digit of their IQs. Stop. Think. Realize how incredibly foolish you’re being. Acknowledge this and return to normal.

But no. The fact that they have to have discussions to figure out how to handle this is incredibly disturbing. Are they trapped in some kind of “The Onion Meets Calvin and Hobbes Meets Kafka” world or something?

As my friend Eric pointed out, “It’s always hard for the sane to understand the insane.”

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