What’s happened to AccuWeather? ’cause it ain’t

Published July 7, 2012

I’ve been noticing quite a bit lately that AccuWeather isn’t living up to its name. As in, its forecasts have been dead wrong — a lot.

I started noticing that it was predicting thunderstorms for my area even though my little pop-out radar thingy was showing it was clear. And its temperature readings also seemed a bit off from A) Weather.com and B) the real world.

So I started paying more attention. At Virginia Beach yesterday, AccuWeather said to expect thunderstorms, but Weather.com said it would be mostly sunny. Not only were there no thunderstorms, but it wasn’t even close — there wasn’t a gray cloud in the sky. It was perfect beach weather.

But it’s been going on longer than that, to the point where I really can’t trust AccuWeather’s forecasts, at least when it comes to rain. I wish so many weather apps didn’t rely on it because I would prefer to use one that gets its weather data elsewhere.

Maybe it should stick to saying things are “possible” so they can never be wrong:


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