Silly me, thinking soy sauce was soy sauce

Published June 6, 2012

I read something the other day about how olive oil probably isn’t olive oil (there’s a whole book about this fact, in fact). And that things like soy sauce probably weren’t even what they said on the package, let alone authentic.

So we got Chinese food the other day for the second time in a month or so. Different restaurant. So I looked at the two different soy sauce packs that came from the two restaurants.

From the first one, we have this, from Yi Pin Food Products:


If you look closely, you’ll see it is essentially water, salt, corn syrup, and color. Hells bells, I could make that myself! (Although props for using regular corn syrup rather than the high-fructose stuff.)

Here’s the other stuff, from Kari-Out Co:


It contains water, salt, “hydrolyzed soy and corn protein,” and color. I realize that’s not true soy sauce, but at least it has some soy in it. And no sugar or corn syrup. Plus the company name is cool.

So note to Chinese restaurants: If you have a choice, get your soy sauce packets from Kari-Out (!

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