Please, if you cite something, link something

Published June 6, 2012

I hate it — absolutely hate it — when one site (especially a news site) talks about a report or a study or some other data, and then doesn’t link to the original. This is the Internet, people. Get with the program.

For example, what prompted me to say this is a story in the Virginian Pilot, “ODU researchers develop regional home-price index,” about how researchers at Old Dominion University have developed a new economic tool. But the article doesn’t bother to link to ODU’s site so people like me can get more info.

Another site I follow is HousingWire, and it’s notorious for citing reports and statements but refusing to link to them. Drives me nuts, because I’m reduced to Googling phrases that HW quotes in order to find the source.

Grr, I say. Grr.

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