No, I didn’t ask for it — and you know it

Published April 4, 2012

Look here, Michael Krouse, The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, and others like you: Don’t embarrass yourself by telling me, “You are receiving this message because you signed up for Los Angeles emails.”

No, I did no such thing. And you know that, so don’t try to make it sound like maybe I did something accidentally.

Tell the truth: I am receiving this e-mail because you bought a list from someone who says that I’m interested in travel and tourism. And you’re enough of a sucker to actually believe it.

In reality, I attended a conference (in DC) and gave my e-mail address. Somewhere in the paperwork was a disclosure that my information might be shared with “trusted partners,” which apparently included some e-mail list company that you used.

Fine. Just don’t pretend that I actually asked for your spam. Have a little integrity.

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