Example number gadzillion and three why I don’t like Apple

Published April 4, 2012

Rejected by Apple, Tawkon Radiation-Tracking App Launches on Android,” is the Wired story. It explains about two Israeli programmers who created an iPhone app — it measured radiation, but that’s not really important — and had it rejected by Apple.

The reason? “No interest.”

Um, excuse me? So every app for the iPhone has to meet Apple’s requirement of “interesting”?

It’s one thing to say that by closely supervising what’s available for the iPhone, Apple is protecting customers from malware. Oh, and “offensive” stuff — you can’t get non-family-friendly fare, either. But there’s no argument for rejecting an app simply because you don’t like it.

Sorry, folks. Android all the way. Or Windows 8. Or whatever else comes along. I don’t know why people are willing to put up with this. Can you imagine the screaming fits if Microsoft wouldn’t like a program run on Windows because it simply didn’t like it?

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