April Fools, Freecycle style

Published April 4, 2011

I posted this today to Freecycle (a mailing list where people give away stuff they don’t want, so it doesn’t end up in the landfill):

OFFER: Bricks of “Semtex” brand modeling clay, other stuff

Found a box of these Semtex modeling clay bricks in our basement — must have belonged to the old owner. Kind of an orange-ish color.

I don’t know the brand, but the clay still feels soft, and the bricks are still in their plastic wrappers. There are about 24 bricks, all
neatly packaged in the box. No other info besides the brand. (Some are labeled Semtex-H, some are Semtex-10. But it’s all just orange clay as far as I can tell.)

There was a bunch of electronic gizmos in the same box (a lot of wires, plus switches and parts I don’t recognize). I don’t feel like sorting through it all, so if you want the clay you also get the electronics.

Lemme know if you’re interested and when you can pickup.

Semtex, for those of you who don’t know, is plastic explosive. (Glad I looked up the picture. I thought it was gray, not orange.) I wonder how many people will look it up, and how many will ask for it.

Maybe I should follow-up with a typical Freecycle “Taken” message:

TAKEN: Bricks of “Semtex” brand modeling clay, other stuff

Thanks for the fast pickup, Achmed!

Note to ATF, DHS, FBI, etc.: This was a joke. There was no “Semtex modeling clay.” Also, I don’t have a basement. And we’ve lived here more than three years, so I wouldn’t just be finding stuff from “the old owner.”

  1. T in Richmond says:

    Too funny! People will take just about anything without even knowing what it is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lucky they don’t know you . Some people 4 get it’s April fools day .

  3. gnomic says:

    OMG! That’s funny! Send me a link to the posting.

    BTW, I’m sure that you’ve made “the list.” I look forward to hearing about your next flying experience. Or should I say “non-flying experience.” I hope it isn’t with your wife, as she may shove you through the x-ray machine herself.

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