Electric garden tools: smart move

Published August 8, 2010

Today I went to fix my nice gas-powered trimmer. (The fuel line was broken.) Not only did I realize that Ryobi has designed it so you have to use a special tube with special connectors, but all the fuel had leaked out. That meant getting the gas can filled, adding the oil to make the mixture, and (oh, joy), dealing with the huge cloud of smoke that always comes when it hasn’t been used in a while.

Forget that. I hopped over to Consumer Reports and looked up electric string trimmers. The magazine recommended one, but every user review said it was terrible. But the other one it recommended came with glowing reviews (“best electric trimmer on the market”).

A quick drive to my local hardware store (yay, it was at the little local place, not a big box!) and I returned with a spanking new Stihl FSE 60 electric trimmer.

No, I’m not doing a review. But I will say that it’s so nice to simply push a button and have it start — no choke, no pulling the cord over and over, no smoke, no gas, no spark plug, no tune ups, no smell. It trims nicely, and it weighs a fraction of what the gas trimmer weighed.

We recently replaced our decade-old gas mower with an electric one, and wondered what took us so long. Again, it’s so nice just to hit the ON switch and be mowing.

Yeah, you have to deal with a cord. But I tell ya, it’s a small price to pay. If you don’t have a huge lawn, you gotta go electric.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I found out B4 you that the electric garden tools beats the gas for basically the same reasons you mentioned gave .Enjoy your toys.

  2. Peter Venter says:

    I have always hated the stench of gas and having to add oil to get the right mixture. Just so much easier to plug in a cord or slot in a rechargeable battery in your electric trimmer and off you go.

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