Sex, lies, and Wizard 101

Published June 6, 2010

So The Boy got me into playing Wizard 101 — a massive online game that’s ostensibly for kids, but is cool enough to appeal to a lot of adults. In fact, there’s a whole message thread in the game’s forum for grown-ups. It’s funny, because we usually recognize one another by our use of actual sentences.

The game allows inter-player chat, but to protect the kids it has three levels of filtering: open chat (say anything except obvious curse and R-rated words), filtered chat (whitelisted words only, of which there are a TON, so normal conversation is possible), and menu chat (choose from a long list of phrases).

If you don’t have open chat, blocked words appear as “…” such as “You are full of …”.

There’s a sizable population of pre-teens and teens, and they spend a lot of time trying to pick one another up; you’ll regularly see people in the common areas saying things like “I need a boy!” or “Are you seeing anyone?” I wonder how they have time to actually play the game.

imageYou can customize your character to a great extent, but really, everyone kinda looks alike. And you choose a name from three lists: First name, first part of last name, second part of last name. I chose Andrew Thunderwalker.

If you saw me in game, you would know nothing about me other than my name and my level. And yet, I learned that simply — and literally — saying “Excuse me” to someone can start them on a quest of Fatal Attraction proportions.

Talking to another adult male, I learned that I was far from alone in being invited to girls’ dorm rooms (everyone has one where you can store your stuff). And, like him, I was clueless the first time — at least until she typed “x gets onto bed x”.”

The x’s are used to denote actions, like “x smacks John in face x” or whatever. It’s part of the lingo that developed, most of which is designed to deal with the chat filters. You can’t “kiss” (it’s not on the white list), so you “k is”; if you want to curse you say things like “Sheet!”

What do you do when you hook up with someone? Based on the makeout session I witnessed, it goes like this:
“x makes out with John x”
“x makes out with Mary x”

(In this case, I yelled at the both to show a little creativity. I believe my exact words were “For gods sake, nibble her ear!!!” Unfortunately, he would have seen it as For … sake, … her … !!!)

Think I’m exaggerating? Here’s a screenshot of an actual conversation from the other night. I entered an area. “Abigail” said “Hi” as I entered. I don’t know her, never met her, and was just passing through. Still, foolishly, I replied with a friendly “Hey!”

Seriously, how much warning do you need?

The punchline to the whole thing is that “snakes” means sex.

And she didn’t have open chat, which means A) it would have been all but impossible anyway, and B) she’s under 18 and her parents set her up.

Now, you can argue that by being so over the top (“Pure evil”) I was flirting, but you should realize that this conversation took place as I was zooming away from her on my own business.

There’s a part of me that really wants to shock the heck out of people like her — I’m a decent writer and could certainly come up with some detailed things that would make Harlequin romance proud, as opposed to “x has snakes with Andrew x,” but prison time really doesn’t appeal to me.

So, parents, Wizard 101 really is a terrific game. But your kids (and you) might be getting a little more than they bargained for.

  1. gnomic says:

    Adds a whole new interpretation to Snakes on a Plane.

  2. Nick ShadowWhisper says:

    I had a real Life Story on that game. it all started out one day i was bored. I’vd been through more then the natural account, i’ve bailed people out(when the house feature came there were jails) i’ve battled, had sex, etc. but clan wars, and lots more my story is long..

  3. Kymma Dreamthistle says:

    I have even had some to propose to me after a couple of days, and they then got mad at me cause I wouldnt tell them I loved them. IT IS A GAME PEOPLE! I love the game, but some do take things a litle too far.

  4. awesome lady says:

    omg! people did that to me a lot i was like flock you but then my sis got on my character and made out got me muted then the next day suspended and blah blah blah lol :)

  5. Awesome101 says:

    Lol I have had snakes tons of times! For real!

  6. IZ says:

    Today I had some guy named Brandon Stone flirting in a really inappropriate way. I’m like in my young teens so I really shouldn’t have saw what he told me.

  7. IZ says:

    I just wanted to beat the guy up when he said it to me!

  8. Chloe says:

    Lol………………………………… You play wizzy to? lets meet up I=

  9. Chloe says:

    Oh, that happened to me to =/ the guy named Cody legendbreath. He came up to me and said “Hey Babe,” and I said “Who u talking to?,” “You Baby,” he said :(

  10. Chloe says:

    Let’s meet up, Andrew my names Andrea just Andrea level lvl 48 bout to be 49

  11. Erin says:

    My name is Erin TitanBlood level 50 life wiz if anyone wants to meet up lol. I’ve had a lot of those awkward experiences with guys but I had my girlfriends around me and they helped me a lot. :P

  12. Ashley says:

    Oh that happened to meh to…………. Well my name is either Kristen (kris) griffengem or Andrea (Andy) dragonhunter kris is lvl 31 almost 32 and Andy is lvl 28 almost 29 and 30 etc…..

  13. Ashley says:

    I’ve had snakes before… Don’t ask =/ well I like got flirted with and Im like in my early teens I shouldn’t have seen it.. </3

  14. Autumn says:

    I remember when someone tried to flirt with me, to come down from my mount and to his level. But no, I hopped onto my hydra and started running away from him. And what did he do? He followed me! Finally, I went to my house. I seriously thought he was going to give up after a minute or two, but he insisted. GEEZ!

  15. acburns says:

    I have had this same issue and have contacted them many times all you will ever get is a copy of thier terms and conditions you will not get any account unbaned they dont care they are after money only. The site is not kid friendly or family friendly. they banned two of my families accounts due to what one account did wrong so now one child suffers for what another one did. KI doesnt care. I have seen in open chat in the commons people post raciest comments sexual comments and they are not banned. My final email from KI stated I suggest you find entertainment some place else all because i tried to talk common sense with them. The only thing that attached the two accounts together was a family email address. Yes the account that did wrong should have been banned and thet child was punished but the other did nothing wrong. bottom line the game is not customer friendly or kid friendly or family friendly they dont care to them its all about money. The game is just as you said in title sex and lies and I’ll add we dont care in KI perspective.

  16. Brooke SilverSlut says:

    Hi, my name is Brooke SilverSlut and I am desperately in need for a hunk to be in my dorm(ports off) and give me please are and trade me hex tcs. I am level 51 ice overlord, a follower of my sole divinity John Light, and a k in kay sorceress in need of foo ;)

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