If State Farm was my neighbor, I’d move

Published March 3, 2007

From the Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi:

Elizabeth Lynch, 91, a postmaster of Pearlington for more than 40 years, always paid her State Farm insurance policy a year in advance and followed suggested guidelines for coverage.

When Hurricane Katrina struck, her roof collapsed, and she looked to her policy for help.

Her claim was denied.

Instead, the insurance company sent over a small teddy bear wearing a red and white State Farm shirt, saying it would be comforting to “hug the little fellow” in her time of need.

The back of the shirt read “Good Neigh Bear.”

“Now there are words to describe my feelings at that moment, but being a lady, I don’t use that kind of language,” Patricia Cole Wilson, who had power of attorney for Lynch, wrote in a letter. Lynch died in November 2005.

  1. Scott S says:

    Another article sympathetic to a policyholder who somehow “deserves” something from her insurance company, in this case because she paid her insurance premiums for more than 40 years. For 40+ years State Farm accepted those premiums, and in return promised to protect her from a covered loss, which in this case State Farm determined didnt happen.

    The question is, would this situation offend you if the claim was denied without sending the teddy bear? While I admit the choice of sending the teddy bear seems odd, I dont know why this act alone would cause you so much anger.

  2. Andrew says:

    Ah, let me explain.

    First of all, sending a teddy bear to a customer who, thanks to your decision, has lost everything is so incredibly insensitive it boggles the mind.

    Secondly, State Farm has always touted its agents — they’re “captive,” meaning they work only for the company, as opposed to independent agents that can sell for multiple insurers. Those agents are supposed to help you choose the right policy for your home. So for 40+ years this woman has listened to her State Farm agent’s advice and paid the company, only to be screwed when it was the company’s turn to pay her.

    And it’s certainly not a clear-cut case of her not being covered. In fact, she had every reason to think she was covered — thanks to her agent.

    I had a State Farm homeowner’s policy once on the first home I ever owned. A pipe broke and we had some minor water damage — about $140 after the deductible. My agent never told me, “If we pay you even this small amount, you’ll have a hard time ever getting homeowner’s insurance again.”

    But that’s what happened. One claim, and State Farm refused to renew me. When I got a policy with another company through an independent agent, he told me that my State Farm agent should never have let me put that claim through. Insurers couldn’t care less whether they pay you $5.00 or $50,000 — a claim is a claim and gets you blacklisted.

    Luckily it’s been more than five years since then, and I can now get a policy at a reasonable price from an insurer of my choosing. But you can bet after having been failed by my agent, it won’t be State Farm.

    So yeah, I’m ticked off on this woman’s behalf. She trusted someone she was told to trust. And she got a teddy bear as a consolation prize.

  3. gnomic says:

    Insurance is supposed to protect you in the event something bad happens. Somethign bad happened. State Farm didn’t pay up. What’s not to understand? There is a clause that says we pay only in the event that the tornado doesn’t cause wind or water damage? That doesn’t make sense.

    PEople are getting unconscionably screwed by State Farm – and an election year is coming up. People don’t like insurance companies. Be prepared to be regulated further.

  4. Eddy says:

    As they say – The Devil is in the details…

    Nobody likes to read about a little old lady being slapped in the face by a big insurance company. The reality is that if you buy insurance to protect your home from a flood and your house burns down – you are not covered. While the end result in both cases may be your home being destroyed, the “product” purchased to protect you from the damage was for the wrong cause.

    While I understand this, I am dissapointed about how the insurance company seemingly dealt with the issue. If this woman had been paying for 40 years with no claims and was following the council of her agent, the insurnace company should demonstrate a sense of responsibility – if not accountability – and a willingness to try and find ways of helping her, not simply denying her claim. The insurnace companies always claim to be there when you need them, but in many cases they have already run off with your bag of money and leave you more frustrated than when you started.

  5. Leland says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the insurance company wants to get your business, take you to dinner, introduce you to their daughter, or what ever it takes to get you to buy insurance from them.

    But the instant you have a claim, they don’t want to know you.

  6. Scott S says:

    Andrew, thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment. You seem to imply that I am a State Farm employee. Please let me clarify that i am not speaking on behalf of, or for state farm, I am simply an interested observer.

    You start out by saying this woman lost everything due to a decision made by state farm. Neither you nor I know the details of this claim. However state farm, who investigated the claim, made the decision that the damage was caused by an excluded loss. This is a decision that isnt made lightly, and this company didnt become the number 1 insurer of both homes and cars in the country by falsely denying claims. I do think that by implying state farm made a conscious decision to cause this woman to lose everything, without yourself knowing the facts, is irresponsible.

    Next you blame the agent for poor advice, without knowing exactly what discussions went on between the agent and the policyholder. Regardless of what was said, it should be the policyholders ultimate responsibility to make sure they are adequately covered. The agent is there to make “suggestions” and cant force anybody into choosing any specific coverages. Homeowners policies clearly exclude flood damage, so what could the agent have told the policyholder to persuade her not to get a flood policy? The fact that the agent is blamed is simply a lack of personal responsibility.

    Then you go on to say she had every reason to think she was covered. She signed a contract, it was her responsibility to know what that contract entailed. She had every right to think she was covered, unless the contract she signed specifically excluded the cause of loss. The town she lived in, Pearlington, was decimated by severe storm surge, a loss specifically excluded by most homeowners policies. Google Pearlington, MS to see what the floodwaters did to that town.

    Then you reveal the source of your true dislike for state farm as a company. A homeowners policy is not a home warranty plan, or a maintenance policy, it is meant to protect you from catatrosphic loss, not pay for minor home repairs.

  7. tommy says:

    the insurance industry is notorious for pulling this type of stunt. it’s the way the business works: take customers’ money and do everything in your power to hold onto as much of it as you can for as long as possible. insurers are also notorious for selling coverage which excludes damage caused under certain circumstances. these little loopholes are implicit in the policy but are not always clearly understood by the insured, nor are they explained to the insured until the situation comes up.

    it’s one of the reasons you can’t buy flood insurance in places which are not deemed prone to flooding.

    for an example of how strange the coverage can be, take homeowners/renters insurance, which would normally cover theft of contents of an automobile: If your camera is stolen from the car, it’s covered because it’s considered part of the contents, not a part of the car. If you have a permanently installed cd player in the car, and it is stolen, it is considered a part of the car, not contents, so homeowners’ insurance will not cover it, but comprehensive auto insurance might. Your collection of 100 cds (which is a mistake to keep in the car anyway), however is NOT covered, because since the cd player is permanently installed in the vehicle, the cd collection is considered to be PART OF THE CAR. Read your policy, check with the insurer. The same applies to car keys (which are not covered in a theft of auto contents). It’s so strange, but it protects the insurer from soft losses.

    insurance = risk management. they’re not managing your risk, they’re managing their risk. buyer beware. it’s a slimy business; it’s not just any one insurer. read your policy, and even then, know that you may have to fight with the insurer, and that you may lose.

    the teddy bear, however, is a slap in the face.

  8. fortunate says:

    Sometimes it depends on the agent. A few years ago, unusually heavy rains caused our sewer to back up into our finished basement. Then I found out that you have to purchase a separate “rider” to be covered by sewage backup. It turns out, my State Farm agent had included the rider when he sold us the original policy. He said “I just automatically tack it on to everyone’s policy, its something you shouldn’t be without”. State Farm paid $28,000, I paid a $250 deductible – I still have all my policies with them – no rate increase. I’ve been a customer for about 30 years. Maybe they take that into account, I don’t know. I agree that the Teddy Bear was a bad move – I would have sent it back to them… in a somewhat altered state…

  9. lionemom says:

    Sorry, I have to agree with Andrew on this one. Nickel and diming your customer because the damage was incurred by a flood that happened to occur after a hurricane that destroyed major levees in an entire city is unconscionable. It is making the rule fit the circumstance. MANY people whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina have had to go through this same thing. This is a major contributor to the areas surrounding New Orleans being in exactly the same state that they were 2 months after the hurricanes hit. The majority of homes and neighborhoods have NOT been rebuilt. Why? Because the insurance companies and the federal government have failed to come through to help these people who lost everything.

    I worked as an insurance adjuster, for workmans’ comp. I know how the insurance companies work to try and NOT pay for as much as possible when it comes to claims. That this woman’s trusted insurance agent never encouraged her to get flood insurance, or never spoke to her about how damage incurred by flooding FROM A HURRICANE would be considered a flood, and would not be covered under her regular policy is just not right.

    Sure there are educated consumers out there that do this kind of research to make sure that they have the coverage they need. But when agents and insurance companies are deliberately elusive and double-talk their customers, it is just not acceptable.

  10. lionemom says:

    I have to reply again. This is directed towards Scott S. You say the choice of sending the teddy bear is odd. I venture a guess that most people would see it as adding insult to injury.

    You seem to feel Andrew is implying that you are a State Farm employee. I believe you are mistaken and took his statement, “…sending a teddy bear to a customer who, thanks to your decision, has lost everything is so incredibly insensitive it boggles the mind,” to mean YOU are working for State Farm. I believe he was merely putting you in their shoes, so to speak.

    You say that the decision to deny by State Farm isn’t made lightly, then you go on to say that Andrew is making assumptions without knowing the facts. I believe you are making the same mistake by saying that the decision isn’t made lightly.

    My opinion is that State Farm is the “number 1 insurer of both homes and cars in the country” primarily because of advertising. I am not discounting their service, but advertising in this country has a great deal of influence, like it or not.

    You also say that ultimately it is the responsibility of the insured to know the facts of their policy specifics. While this is true, many of the people who lost homes in Louisiana and Mississippi were living at the poverty level and were poorly educated. If a company truly calls themself compassionate and interested in the welfare of their customers, don’t you think it would be a responsible action to make sure that they help their customers understand exactly what is and is not covered under their policies? That’s what being “a good neighbor” is supposed to be all about, isn’t it?

    Finally you talk about how homeowners insurance is meant to insure against catastrophic loss. I realize you are chiding Andrew for putting through a minor home repair on his homeowners policy, But what do you call a hurricane that destroyed entire towns?! That is the point here. This NINETY-ONE YEAR OLD woman, who worked for the U.S. government for 40 years and diligently paid for what she thought would cover her house, gets NOTHING. The fact that you can sit there and judgmentally say that it’s her own damn fault for being stupid leads me (and I am guessing others on this thread) to believe you are just a callous and jaded person. What if it were someone YOU cared about? Wouldn’t you feel shafted on their behalf? Be a human being for a moment.


  11. Scott S says:

    Lionemom, personal insults aside, thanks for replying to my post. Please let me emphasize that I DO NOT work for State Farm.

    You are correct, I am assuming that this decision wasnt made lightly. I do know that insurance companies must be ready to defend their claim denials so usually this is a decision that isnt made lightly. I dont think my original assumption is a stretch.

    Even if advertising is so important, like you say, if State Farm had a reputation for wrongly denying claims, they wouldnt be in the position they are in today. They have been around for like 80 years, and like I said, in an industry as competitive as insurance, you dont get to be number 1 by cheating customers.

    How many times have you signed a contract and the other party made sure that you understood every aspect of the contract? I agree that it was the Agents job to make sure the policy was understood, but it is ridiculous to suggest that they cover every possible scenario. Ultimately it is the policyholders responsibility to understand the contract.

    The only reason I posted a response to this entry is because insurance companies are an easy target. Many people with a wide audience, who dont necessarily know or understand the many aspects at play, are extremely quick to drag the insurance companies over the coals. Do I feel sorry for the woman in the story? Of course I do. However i dont think that State Farm should take the beating it has taken, first from the newspaper article, then from Andrew, who clearly has a bias against State Farm, then from you, who because you worked as an adjuster seem to think you have some special insight into the insurance industry. As an example, check out these wild and completely unfounded allegations from your post:

    “That this woman’s trusted insurance agent never encouraged her to get flood insurance, or never spoke to her about how damage incurred by flooding FROM A HURRICANE would be considered a flood, and would not be covered under her regular policy is just not right.”

    “But when agents and insurance companies are deliberately elusive and double-talk their customers, it is just not acceptable.”

    Unfortunately, the insurance companies will continue to take a beating, and nothing I can say here will change that when there are people who let their emotions cloud their judgement. I will just try to provide a different side to the story.

  12. Dave C says:

    I am an Underwriter for State Farm and would like to stand up for the ‘big, bad insurance company’. I have worked for State Farm for seven years and I can proudly say it is the best company I have ever worked for. There is a reason that State Farm insures 1 out of ever 5 cars in the US and is the largest homeowners insurance company in the US too. It is because we care about our customers. With that said, there are times, unfortunately, that people do not carry the coverage they should on their homes, car, boats, or even life. Our agents do the best job they can to walk their customers through the coverages they need, but, let’s face it. If your agent called you today and wanted you to sit down with him/her and go over how to cover every risk that faces your everyday life, you would laugh in their face. Most customers don’t even want to deal with an agent (hence why GEICO and Progressive have such a strong internet and 1-800 number following). So, how can you blame the insurance company and/or agent when something happens they are not covered for. Everyone that buys an insurance policy receives a contract…it tells you what is and what is not covered. If you don’t take the time to look at it (like the majority of people) or you don’t ask your agent to explain what is covered or not covered, it is 100% your fault. Most of the customers that the insurance companies denied claims for from Katrina lacked flood insurance. I’m sorry, but unless you are a complete idiot, if you live right near the Gulf Coast or in New Orleans which is below sea level, you should know you need flood insurance. My bet is that many of those people thought “It would never happen to me!” Now, when it does happen, they blame anyone but themselves. I understand most of those people paid their premiums on time for many many years, but insurance is not a savings account. The longer you pay does not entitle you to more coverage. You have a contract that is renewed every year that you pay for every year. End of story. Don’t get me wrong…I feel horrible that so many people were left homeless and have nothing to start their lives with, but it is not State Farm’s fault. Let’s take some responsiblity people…if you live along the coast…or in flood prone areas, for God’s sake, get some flood insurance! If you own a brand new BMW…for God’s sake get phyical damage coverage! If you have a family, a house, a couple of cars…for God’s sake get Life insurance. If you don’t, then live life at your own risk…

  13. Emily says:

    Andrew, it looks like you’ve smoked out another kind of fanboy.

  14. gnomic says:

    Dave C,

    So… having the roof ripped off your house isn’t covered by home owner’s insurance…why? What exactly does the policy cover? I’m with the personal responsibility crowd, but this wasn’t flood or eathquake – this was storm damage.

    And perhpas you should check out the 60 Minutes report on State FArm – where to SF employees (now former employees) blew the wistle on company practices.

    I’m not buying your side – or State Farm.

  15. evan says:

    This is a very basic insurance coverage decision made by State Farm. I am an independant P&C insurance agent and although I feel badly for anyone whos life has been disrupted by any uncovered loss, I must say that this is pretty cut and dry. Insurance companies have an interest to pay you 100% of all COVERED losses and 0% of any UNCOVERED loses. The policy is a contract and the contract language is specific on what is covered and what is not covered. In this specific case, SF has determined that the loss that occurred was due to an uncovered event. The storm surge and subsequent flooding that followed caused the damage and that damage is not covered. The homeowners policy does not cover flood. There is a specific exclusion for flood damage. You need flood insurance for that peril and without it, the homeowners policy cannot pay any claim that is specifically excluded.. Those insureds who chose to purchase flood insurance did so with the understanding that the policy was intended to cover this type of event. Those who CHOSE NOT TO purchase flood insurance, while living at or below sea level, did so knowingly and frankly took a chance, a gamble, and lost. Flood insurance is intended to transfer the exposure and risk away from the individual and to the insurance company but you must first BUY the contract. In the event that you do not BUY the contract, you cannot expect the homeowners policy to pay the claim by default.

    This is not a case of selective coverage interpretation. It is simply a case of reading the contract, detemining the cause of the loss and paying the claims that are covered and not paying for losses from events that are specifically excluded. End of story.

  16. Emily says:

    evan says “It is simply a case of reading the contract, detemining the cause of the loss and paying the claims that are covered and not paying for losses from events that are specifically excluded. End of story.”

    Thanks for the 411 evan. Now if you’ll just post a link to the contract, we’ll consider whether or not you are completely full of it.

  17. evan says:

    Emily says:
    evan says “It is simply a case of reading the contract, detemining the cause of the loss and paying the claims that are covered and not paying for losses from events that are specifically excluded. End of story.”

    Thanks for the 411 evan. Now if you’ll just post a link to the contract, we’ll consider whether or not you are completely full of it.

    Ouch. Emily, why so hostile??? As for the actual contract language, the State Farm homeowners 3 contract, I’m in upstate NY so it may be slightly different, has standard exclusionary language. The contract is a matter of public record and probably available on the SF website.

    The gist of the argument against SF has been, both individually and within the class action suits that have been brought, that the Hurricane caused the catastrophic damage rather than the storm surge and flooding. If the case can be made that the hurricane winds and rain caused the damage then the homeowners policy would indeed pay since those perils are both covered. The problem is, you cannot seperate the hurricane from the surge/flood and thus, irregardless of what caused the surge/flood, the damage done by same is not covered even thought the cause of the flood was a covered peril. Any wind damage, extreme rain, any tornadic damage and certainly any subsequent additional damage such as fire and explosion would have been covered in full by the homeowners policy. The only thing that is not covered is damage done by the flooding waters from the tidal storm surge. The fact that the hurricane caused this is irrelevant.

  18. Emily says:

    Sorry, evan, you’re pretty thin skinned for an insurance peddler. I’m not referring to your opinion about what sort of coverage Ms. Lynch had, I’m talking about her actual policy. I don’t believe you have any more access to it than the rest of us. Since the poor woman is dead, we’re not likely to get her first hand input on the subject either, so you can posture and proselytize all you like but I don’t think you are going to convince anyone here that you have any idea what the circumstances really were.

  19. evan says:

    Insurance peddler has such a negative connotation Emily. I actually prefer agent/broker myself. My final point on this matter is this, no one, even us insurance peddler types, wants to see someone suffer an uncovered catastrophic loss. It is my job, my responsability, to make sure that those situations never happen by discussing the potential for loss with my client and the idea of planning for the worst and hoping for the best BEFORE any situation occurs. And in the event that a catastrophic loss occurs that is uncovered, the customer would have been made aware of the consequences of inaction way before the stuff hits the proverbial fan.

  20. Emily says:

    In other words, you’re not the particular ass-hat whose incompetence screwed poor Elizabeth on her insurance claim. Thanks for clearing that up, evan.

  21. Scarlett says:

    My daughter died suddenly. I am the court appointed Administrator. Her homeowners insurnace has not been renewed because “the house is empty and up for sale”. What can I do? I am very worried. I am paying for the house only because I thought it would sell quickly and I could at least get her downpayment back and pay for the funeral. Its unsold after a year. Today is the anniversary ofher death and she was cremeted last year on my 65th birthday…the ultimate insult. Now I need insurnace for her home. What can I do?

  22. Sam says:

    Dave C is onto it, but not quite there…

    The real issue with Hurricane Katrina is the abject failure of government at virtually every level – insurance companies, by and large, performed precisely as they should have. And if allowed to operate as designed, will do far more to eliviate future suffering as a result – it’s called learning! The party that wants to push this delusion of eliminating risk is the government!

    State Farm and every other insurer is relying on contracts, legal documents between grown adults in the private sector. If insurance policies can be re-interpreted after the fact, and courts of law force otherwise excluded perils to be covered after a loss (at the rhetorical point of a gun) then the whole notion of the rule of law is out of the window; we might as well pack it in cause full blown socialism is next and is a far greater threat than any hurricane could ever be…

    Problem is, too many people don’t want to grow up and face responsibility and pull their own weight – they would much rather party hearty and have someone else pay their way when trouble finds them. They would rather sit on their lazy butts in some government project or at some government job with guaranteed wages and guaranteed retirement benefits, health insurance coverage, etc, and then piss and moan when disaster strikes or when they see someone else earning more than their make work job distributes to them. Moreover, many of these blood suckers were lured into the area by flawed and irrational government promises, government housing, government levies, government jobs, and on and on. Not irrational promises by insurance companies. At the bottom of this story you find one irrefutable conclusion – government failed, and it always will.

    The poor old hag you all have been whining about here worked for the government for 40 years! Good grief, someone else in the private sector of profit and matter paid those premiums all those years… Redistribution from the private sector is the root cause of most of the agony experienced in the aftermath and it is the irrational faith in government which is the root of this problem, not rational and legitimate agreements between parties at arms length.

    George W. Cumbayah has only made matters worse…

  23. D.Squeeze says:

    I have read through most of these comments and it makes me laugh that there are SO many ignorant people in this world. If someone tells you to do something, do you just do it and not ask questions, or do you take in the information…think about it and make your OWN decisions? If my State Farm agent told me that I don’t really need flood insurance because it would cost me an extra $300 a year but I lived in a “fish bowl” state, I think my brain would tell me that you buy insurance to protect you in case something bad happens and being that I live in a “fish bowl” or right on the coast….I should go ahead and spend that $300 a year and get that coverage. Most of the comments I read above, I can promise that 99.9% of those ignorant people have NEVER read a homeowners policy and probably have never read a buyers agreement when they bought their car. They are too lazy to read anything before signing it! If you would read your homeowners policy, it clearly states that flood is excluded from coverage, now if you read that and you lived in New Orleans, a “fish bowl” state…wouldn’t you make sure you owned a policy that covered you in the event of a flood?? Think about this too…if the agent told you that you should have a flood policy, you paid this flood policy for 40 years and never used it,…would you then think that agent was a crook for telling you to get a policy that you never used? I went to Mississippi to help with clean up from Katrina and I can’t tell you how many State Farm agents I saw helping people sort through their mess and gathering their important things. These agents’ homes didn’t escape Katrina, they were destroyed too, but they used their time to help their customers. There are always to sides to the coin, but most people only choose to speak their ignorant minds when they are unhappy…when it comes your turn for your insurance company to pay out and it is a covered loss, you get paid and get your life together…we will see if you write about it then.

  24. Emily says:

    Yeah, but were they there to help or to build a case for denial of a claim for loss due to wind damage?

  25. Mike says:

    As an insurance agent who deals with this problem regularly I’d like to add this one simple fact. 99% of all customers are concerned with price and price alone. We try and explain were the holes are and what can be done to protect one self better but most of the time it falls on deaf ears. The typical response is one where I am made to feel as if I am “up-selling” the client rather than offering important insurance knowledge.

    My role as an agent is no longer one of advisor or consultant. Most people simply want insurance that keeps their mortgagor off their back which can lead to significant gaps in coverage. It makes me sick and drives my Errors & Ommissions Insurance sky high annually with the thousands of “mis-informed” insureds refusing to believe they ignored all oppurtunities to protect their valuables and decide it’s the industry’s fault.

    Whoever lives near the gulf and doesnt expect a flood at some point is living in denial.

  26. Jon Sandy says:

    I recently wrote a State Farm Review and would be interested to know what some of you think of the matter, even though the last comment was a month ago.

    Sometimes they really abandon their values and just seem interested in making a few dollars. I was with them for 6 years, and in my first accident they nickel’d and dime’d me for a few grand. I suppose they probably weren’t counting on me trying to spread the word about what they did.


  27. James says:

    Boo Hoo, Just because someone paid there premium for 40 years does not mean they are covered, as a former insurance agent I have always tried to upsell all coverages and explain to customers what would would happen if they did not buy it. 90% of people only care about the premium and not the details. If all companys paid no matter what happens there would be no insurance companys because they would all go out of buisness. After 40 years of recieving her yearly contract she should have actually read it to determine what she was covered for and if she should buy more. She made her bed.

  28. Leland says:

    Wow James! That is really harsh.

    By the rules, you are dead right. No fault there.

    But with an attitude like yours, I would not want you as my insurance agent.

  29. @ James
    though he probably won’t ever read it..

    I love it when someone from State Farm goes out on the internet trying to improve their image; and ends up just looking like a jerk.

    Good job state farm, when you make someone mad- tell them it’s their fault.

  30. James says:

    State Farm Sucks,

    I never said that I worked for State Farm, I have been in the industry long enough to know how it works. I am a private field adjuster and have done alot of adjusting in the past on claims for state farm and I have always felt that they were fair in all there decisions. I have never seen them try to get out of a claim that they were responsible for by contract.
    I am not trying to improve anyones image, I could care less about State Farm, I am just reiterating what everyone in the industry already knows. If the coverage is excluded or not there, then your not covered. Pretty simple. I have been paying my coverege for 20 years without a claim, If something happened that I was not covered for like a flood, Wear and tear, Sewage backup, etc. I would not expect them to pay it. Just because I have been paying my premiums doesnt mean I can file a claim for anything I want and have it approved. Get real buddy

  31. DAVID says:

    I would feel a lot better about some of these insurance agents if they would learn how to spell. Or, is this just indicative of the American level of public education?

  32. James says:

    Its not that David, You are just so much better than everyone else. It must get very lonely to not have anyone of your intelligence to converse with.

  33. Leland says:

    A friend of mine had a fire that destroyed her home and killed several of her pets. She also has the unfortunate privilege to be dealing with State Farm.

    Among the highlights of this miss-adventure are:
    – Claims people asking her where she got money to replace some appliances (They want an answer for that? I got their answer right here, “Donations from people like me. You asshats got a problem with that?)
    – Demanding to know why she felt her dinning room table was a total loss and why State Farm reps weren’t allowed to inspect it. (Because the first adjuster told her to rent a bobcat, start at one end and not stop until they got to the other end. But not to worry, here’s a picture of the table top in the dumpster: http://www.flickr.com/photos/divalea/302500841/)
    – Adjusters telling her about others who bought their underwear at Wal-mart trying to claim it cam from Victoria Secret. Then, without making an accusation, using that story to pressure her to back off her claims.
    – Apparently disregarding Texas laws about the time allowed for payment once a claim is received, and written notification about any delays.
    – Coming very close to losing their newly rebuilt house due to State Farm’s delaying tactics.
    – Being forced to file complaints with the state insurance commission in order to get State Farm a little more enthusiastic about getting a few checks in the pipeline.

    The list goes on and on and on. But do not take my word for it. Read this woman’s journal and decide for yourself. You are interested in anything that starts with “ATF” for after the fire.

    Lea doesn’t not pull many punches when writing about her frustration with State Farm. You may want to pad any sensitive ears before reading some of this out loud.

    You can read all about it here: http://divalea.livejournal.com/

  34. Leland says:


    Judge L.T. Senter, Jr. ordered State Farm Fire & Casualty to pay $223,292 in damages to a Biloxi couple, who suffered the loss of their home in the devastating storm. The judge declined to award punitive damages in the case, but said the jury may choose to do so.
    Read the whole story: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2007/01/katrina_state_farm.html

    State Farm, like a good neighbor… until you have a claim

  35. J.Gear says:

    Yea, a lot of them didn’t have flood insurance.But a hurricane would have been covered.
    And the hurricane is what caused all of the problems.The insurance company’s call it flooding because it loopholes the covered policy.
    I’d bet money there was no agent that went around saying if a hurricane hits and tears your house apart,you wont get covered because the ground was wet afterwards.
    Then, if you want to blame people for not reading the contracts first,Theres a reason they make them very long,don’t use common speech in them,and print the words in very small font.They do everything in their power to make sure the average person can’t easily read/understand them.
    Insurance has been a scam ever since the mob created it.

    Whats state farm done to me you ask? I bought a car on the after noon of the 31st of October a few years ago and to have insurance for the ride home in it i called and set it up over the phone.$222.00 a month.
    They didnt tell me that i would be getting charged $222 for the month that had only 9 hours left in it!!!! I didn’t find out they did it for several more months because i paid a month in advance.When i asked why they didn’t tell me that one of the months i was paying for was October, I was told that then i may not have got the policy that night.NO KIDDING YOU STATE FARM P.O.S

  36. Tia says:

    People fail to read their policy until after a disaster. Everyone should meet with their agent once a year and have a question/answer session. Do not leave the agent’s office until you fully understand what is and is not covered in the event of a loss.
    State Farm is a very honorable company in my opinion, and I will always maintain coverage with them.

  37. Robert says:

    State Farm screwed me and my wife for $250,000.00 dollars more than 6 years ago by telling lies, palying games, and paying off officals in Newton County Georgia. The State Farm Insurance company is the most dishonest of them all. They have acused me of slander and I do not care. I am telling the truth about this. The really are now still trying to acuse me and my wife of burning down our own house when we were miles away eating dinner. What a joke. I do not want their money and never did. we want to be left alone and I will go to my grave telling people about the bad/dishonest practices of State Farm Insurance.

  38. Robert says:

    Tia sounds lie a State Farm Agent. What a joke Tia.

  39. Robert says:

    Tia sounds like a State Farm Agent. What a joke Tia.

  40. Ex SF Employee says:

    I am an ex State Farm employee with 11 years of service. The things I could tell you about the company. They tell employees to always lie about claims to policyholders, claimants, attorneys, and anyone else that questions them about claims. They teach the employees how to lie and/or get around telling the truth on the witness stand when in court. They believe that everyone who has financial problems either set their cars or homes on fire, set up thefts, and anything else – now I ask any reasoning and thinking human on the planet if you have financial problems, would it make any sense to ruin your own belongings just to get the measly sums State Farm pays out on claims? I think not.

    State Farm will spend $100,000 or more in order to deny a $10,000 or less claim – fighting it and delaying. They treat customers and claimants horribly on the phone – making accusations that are so wild that even a child who lives in fantasyland wouldn’t believe the wild accusations.

    They have covered up a suicide that was committed in their atrium of their headquarters office in Bloomington, Illinois. The young man was tired of lying to everyone about claims and left a suicide note. The original news story about it appeared in the Chicago newspapers online; however, in the years since then, those articles have disappeared. They hire goons to enter employees’ homes in order to steal information if they get wind of an employee getting ready to blow the whistle on the company. They deliberately hack into employees’ home computers (computers that are not used for State Farm purposes – personal use only that the employees buy and pay for out of their own pockets) – how do I know this – I have a family friend who found that State Farm had been hacking into my computers since 2001 and I left employment in January of 2007. This family friend also saw that State Farm tried to send a virus package to my PC so he sent it back to them. State Farm has hired goons and threatened this family friend that if he didn’t kill me they were going to kill him.

    State Farm, at last I knew, had well over 700 in-house attorneys and well over 700 on-retainer attorneys around the country. There are ties of State Farm and Enron – Wendy Gramm was on the board of directors of both companies at the same time and was cooking the books for both companies at the same time.

    State Farm pays doctors under the table to write up reports on IMEs (independent medical exams) the way State Farm wants them written in order to avoid paying claims. They use delay tactics in every aspect of claim settlement (or non-settlement, as the case may be). They steer policyholders and cliamants to specific auto repair shops that do shoddy work in order to save a buck. They will stop at nothing to destroy a policyholder’s, claimant’s, agent’s, or employee’s life.

    I could go on and on for days telling all I know about the underhanded, devious, and malicious ways they do business. LIKE A BAD NEIGHBOR – YOU DON’T WANT STATE FARM THERE

  41. Tina says:

    I am going through a nightmare with State Farm. Long story short – it took over three months to get a copy of our homeowner’s policy after paying in full for the year. The agent deliberately stalled, made excuses, etc., because she knew we had a potential claim. We had a water pipe burst while we were on vacation in August, which caused significant damage to our kitchen floor. We informed the agent that we didn’t want to file a claim until we knew whether or not it would be covered. We finally got the policy after compaining to the 800#. The agent said she had to request it from another office, but come to find out – she had the booklets in her office the whole time, and never offered us one! Our claim ended up being $29,000 due to the fact they had to rip out our custom cabinets to replace the floor. Initially, they denied our claim. After complaining to the state dept. of insurance and the BBB, they offered us $9,000. We have a family member that said he couldn’t even touch it for that price as a favor to us. The cabinets alone are about $15,000 retail, and he said he could make us some, but it would be about $10,000. That doesn’t include anything else! We have been without a kitchen for a month and a half, and State Farm just keeps holding us out……. Yeah, if State Farm is like a GOOD neighbor, I would HATE to see a BAD neighbor!!!! We aren’t going to give them the opportunity to refuse to write a new policy – we will be changing companies on our own. We have had State Farm for two years – multiple automobiles (including a teenaged boy driver), life, and homeowner’s – and we have NEVER filed a claim until now, and this is how we are treated. There should seriously be laws to protect consumers. Our claim was covered damage, so why won’t they pay???

  42. Mandy says:

    I had a catastrophic loss after a house fire on Mother’s Day, May 8, 2005. My son will soon be graduating from high school and I am thinking about moving to a new town closer to family after he moves away to college. I have been told that State Farm can drop me as a customer if I try to purchase a new policy for a different home if it has been less than 3 years. Does anyone know if this is true or not? How long after a catastrophic loss does the “question” come up when inquiring about insurance coverages for a new home purchase? I have a friend that had State Farm and lost his home to a fire and elected not to rebuild but to purchase another home, State Farm dropped him after paying the claim and he was stuck with no insurance for his newly purchased home…this occured because it was “under the 3 year time frame”…Has anyone ever heard of this? Am I truly at risk if I move and try to get insurance for a different home…is it really best to wait until after May 8, 2008? Any advise or experience with this would be awesome.

  43. Leland says:


    State Farm drop you? You should be so lucky!

    There are lots of insurance companies out there. If I were you I would drop State Farm moving or not. Shop around in the community you are moving too. Have the new insurance set up and ready to go before you drop State Farm Insurance on the old place.

  44. Robert says:

    State Farm Insurance pays fire invesigators to acuse homeowners of burning their own homes when a suspect is not found. The are liars, thieves. My wife and I were acused and charged in Newton County Georgia. State Farm Ins, waited for a year to pay Newton County under the table to charge us because they had a year to pay our claim and waited til the year was expired to NOT PAY. This was all planned to never pay our claim from day one. They are rats and liars. We had State Farm Ins for more than 20 years and they were not there for us.

    I fully intend to slander State Farm Insurance to the world and will continue to do so until my wife is released and my claim is paid, or I die…

    Hey State Farm Ins. Call me Toll Free to personally beso mi pompas 1-888-862-3806

  45. Robert says:

    State Farm Fire and Casualty are in business to screw the Homeowner and to RIP-OFF people, State Farm is 100% LIARS and RATS. Hey State Farm, “I got your SLANDER handing right here”. Sue me, because I’m going to Sue your RAT ASSES. There is no question this is SLANDER and what STATE FARM has done to me and my wife is CRIMINAL…

  46. Robert says:

    If there is one breath left in my body, I will cost you business til I die.

  47. Robert says:


  48. gnomic says:

    … With my last breath, I spit at thee from hell’s heart…

  49. Robert says:

    Dear State Farm,

    I am writing you this because I think you people are RATS. You screwed my wife and I, 7 years ago in Newton County Georgia when our home was robbed and burned. After a year the officals in the County turned the investigation to us. Because you didn’t want to pay and the case was unsolved. The county told us that your company pushed them toward us to avoid paying and bribes were paid to them by State Farm Ins. They said that they know we are innocent.You ruined our lives and reputations. We want JUSTICE. I will tell everyone everywhere about your BAD Company until the day I die. I will win in court and you will now pay DAMAGES to us.
    You need to open this case and settle with us NOW. I will not stop these post or the other things I am doing to cost you business until you do the right thing. You picked the wrong people to play with. I will tell the world. I am not threatening harm to anyone, only a financial impact on your company by telling the truth, til you do the right thing. Person by person I will tell them our story. They are listening and I am being heard. You know who I am and you know the truth. Are you honest enough to call my lawyer and settle like you should have done 7 years ago. I am man enough to do this forever. Newton County Georgia.

  50. Robert says:

    State Farm Fire and Casualty is the worst company in the world. They have no ethics and have one mission in life “Screw Clients” How can they sleep at night after what they have done to my wife and I ? How can they continue to screw people everyday ? They are the real criminals. They are vampires that suck the blood from their customers and leave them for dead. This Company and its owner need to realize that they are looked upon as worse than crap.

  51. George says:

    We are a small Group of Public Adjusters that were trained by S.F. Now we work for the individuals that they try to screw! WE have colleced $$$Millions for Policy holders here in New Orleans!! If you have any question about your Loss…please email me, we may be able to help.

  52. Ron says:


    I really doubt a company that could buy GEICO, Allstate, and Progressive and still have market share left over could give a crud about you.

  53. Jen says:

    Wow I am amazed at the ignorance out there in this world! So true, people only care about insurance when there is a claim. Why are you only pointing the finger at State Farm? I guarantee that State Farm wasn’t the only company that didn’t pay out FLOOD claims. Next time your agent calls you to meet with you and review your coverage why don’t you think twice and accept the offer. Maybe you won’t accept the offer because you feel like if you play dumb you can get away with “my agent never told me that”! As for the teddy bear, State Farm probably sent that out before the claim was even denied.

  54. James says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Jen :)

  55. StaufferA says:

    I’ve read over every comment on this page and despite doubting the wisdom of this decision, I’ve decided to contribute my own two cents. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve worked in the insurance industry representing numerous
    companies. I have always worked in the agents office, and have counseled countless families on the coverage AND limitations of their insurance. However, I can say with no degree of
    uncertainty, that for every individual who has rationally considered my advice, there are a dozen others who write me off as nothing more than another thoughtless salesperson. Insurance has become a commodity rather than a service and consumers purchase a policy with less prudence than they do a new cell phone. We are required to pass rigorous state exams to be in this position for a reason. Since the legal jargon is difficult for the average layperson to understand we should be here to guide the way. I won’t deny that there are agents, many whom I know, who fail to invest the energy into their clients to ensure they are well informed. Like in any industry, there will people who couldn’t care less about their job and fail to be as conscientious as they ought. Adjusters are given individual authority to make a coverage decisions with no “Great Satan” demanding they deny claims. If someone doesn’t do their job well, that is the nature of the beast. It’s called and apathy and carelessness, and no one however self righteous they may be, is truly without these faults.

    The accusation that any insurance company would blithely deny a claim or intentionally write an insurance contract with the intent to “rip-off” the consumer is nonsense. First of all, every state requires that each company submit a copy of their rates and regulations for review. Insurers couldn’t begin to be intentionally misleading because a state’s insurance commission would see that their authority to write business be revoked. Premiums are bases upon the coverage expressly spelled out in the policy and nothing more. Exceptions can’t be made just because someone is already in a difficult situation, the elderly woman for example, because the state would then require exceptions be made for everyone. If insurers did not adhere to their policies with strict accuracy they would be legally forced to charge outrageous rates or else become involvent.

    Yet ultimately, it does come down to personal responsibility. The situation with claims being denied for lack of coverage is hardly different than the sub prime mortgage crunch. Millions of people who purchased adjustable rate mortgages are crying for government assistance now that their payments have increased. Yet how did they not know at their settlement only a few short years ago that eventually they would not be able to afford what they purchased? Were they deceived by a heartless lender or did they simply fail to do their homework? It is no difference with your insurance coverage. If you’re paying premium for a policy, why would you not want to be sure it would perform the way you want in the event of a crisis? Rather than blame someone else for your losses, why not take charge of one’s own financial security? We are a nation deluded by a lack of self accountability. Heaven help us if we are ever faced with another depression.

  56. Robert says:

    YES, State Farm is screwing me and my wife. Have no doubt about it. This company sucks and if anyone has had a claim with them they will agree. The adjusters got extra money to deny a claim. State Farm will do anything NOT to settle a claim and to deny responsibility. I am in the middle of their crap right now and tell you the TRUTH. These people are RATS FROM HELL. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY NOW, before you get it hard and deep like we are now…

  57. Robert says:

    StaufferA, you are part of the problem. You were trained to SCREW PEOPLE. Your words are probably paid for by State Farm Insurance..I hope someday you get to wear my shoes, ass

  58. Admiral says:

    I don’t get where people think a company “is on your side”.

    Lemmi set it right…

    Any company is in business to MAKE MONEY. No matter what they say or do they are in business to make money and not much else. So, please keep that in mind and READ ANYTHING they make you sign. Especially for insurance make sure whatever you want covered IS covered. And read their claim rules and follow them exactly. Thats about all you can do. That and hope nothing bad ever happens to you.

  59. Robert says:

    State Farm Insurance is only looking out for the bottom line profit of the company. If they CAN deny a claim, they WILL. These cocksuckers are NOT about serving the client or JUSTICE. Nothing will get in the way of BOTTOM LINE PROFIT, even if it means ruining peoples lives, slandering good families and paying off people to look the other way. I have seen this first hand and for someone to tell me that I am wrong, has never been in this situation. This company trains and rewards their employees to screw the clients. Some may say that I “slander” State Farm Insurance, those people have not walked in my shoes. What I am saying is the truth. If you have homeowners insurance with State Farm Fire and Casualty, change companies today. If you ever have a claim in Newton County Georgia or anywhere else in the U.S., State Farm Fire and Casualty will only give you the finger and not the hand.
    They will NEVER be a good neighbor, unless you think getting it deep in the ass is what a good neighbor should be..

    Hey, State Farm Fire and Casualty, ” I am still here ( not dead yet ) I know what you have done to my wife and I as well as other people. I am going to expose your asses to the world til I die or you correct your wrongs. Free my wife from this nightmare in Newton County Georgia and settle our claim or REAP the WHIRLWIND of NEGATIVE BLOGS and PRESS. The way you do business is shameful.

  60. Robert says:

    Dear State Farm,

    One more comment today that you really need to know.. KISS MY ASS

  61. Robert says:

    George says:
    We are a small Group of Public Adjusters that were trained by S.F. Now we work for the individuals that they try to screw! WE have colleced $$$Millions for Policy holders here in New Orleans!! If you have any question about your Loss…please email me, we may be able to help.

    March 12th, 2008 at 1:02 AM

    I wish you could help.

  62. Tia says:

    My experience with insurance firms (other than State Farm) has been very negative, but the experience with State Farm was very positive.
    I’m sorry for anyone who turns in a claim with any company, then has a bad experience.
    My advice to everyone: READ YOUR POLICY. KNOW YOUR POLICY. Do this prior to having a need for it.
    Meet with your agent. Ask millions or billions of questions, if needed. When you leave the office, know what is and isn’t covered.
    Take a video tape of every item inside and outside your home. Keep a copy off premises.

  63. Ex SF Employee says:

    Reading the policy is fine – however, know this, State Farm has a habit of twisting the policies to suit themselves and find any and all reasons to deny claims. They twist even federal rules concerning employment practices so why should anyone think they would abide by the rules of the state insurance commissioners.

  64. Molly says:

    Yes, you do sound bitter.
    There are not only state, but also federal commissioners that keep close tabs on ALL insurance companies, including State Farm. The fines for the types of offenses you mention would be severe, and enough of them would lead to the business being closed. Evidently, it must not occur frequently.

  65. Robert says:

    I am way beyond BITTER. this company is a freaking nightmare come true. I can not in my mind understand why they keep doing this same thing over and over to people. I paid my premiums for more than 20 years to them without missing a beat and when we needed them most we got SCREWED and continue to get screwed.

  66. Admiral says:

    A company (any company) is in the business of making money.

    All other concerns are second. It does not surprise me that a company screws people over. If you have any doubts that your company will screw you over please read my first sentence in this comment.

  67. Robert says:

    I passed Bitter 6 years ago when State Farm Fire and Casualty denyed our claim and paid the investigators to blame us for something we clearly did not do. I passed PISSED when my wife was put in jail being charged with crimes that she didn’t commit, I passed FREAKIN MAD a long time ago. Now I want justice.

  68. Robert says:

    My wife is being treated like a criminal and she is NOT. Being held captive for 6 months is bullshit. These idiots are all about screwing people. I will not rest til my wife is home and her good name restored.

  69. Molly says:

    I didn’t know any insurance company could put people in jail, I thought a judge and jury did that. Is there proof of the payment to the investigators?

  70. Robert says:

    The break-in and the fire set by the person or people that robbed our home was never solved. We proved with credit card reciepts and witnesses that we were nowhere near our home and had no motive. we lost everything and nothing was recovered form the real criminal or criminals. State Farm went behind our backs after a year and convinced the county to seek an inditment against us with NO evidence. That tells me that State Farm will go to any means NOT to settle a claim. I feel sure that palms were greased because NO evidence is NO evidence. State Farm has one goal, DO NOT PAY CLAIMS.

  71. Robert says:

    We went on with our lives and decided that we got screwed and could do nothing to recover our loss. We didn’t profit from this and would never have. 7 years after the fire and robbery this goes on and on. Countless $$ in lawyers and no resolution. No evidence, no witnesses aganist us. NOTHING.

    State Farm SUCKS

  72. Ex SF Employee says:

    State Farm has a habit of lobbying just right at state legislative sessions in order to push their agenda thru – I know as I’ve seen all of the information from where they recruited lobbyists who were Republicans only – Democratic employees were not offered anything about becoming a lobbyist as they knew Democrats wouldn’t push their agenda thru the legislative process. They hire goons to go into employee homes in order to find out if anyone has any damning evidence against them in their homes. They continually break a lot of federal laws or twist them to suit the company. Trust me, I worked there for enough of years and I have scads of information to bury them with; however, I do not have the money to hire an attorney in order to start going after State Farm big time. The are always finding new and improved ways to screw the policyholders, claimants, agents, and employees. It’s an ongoing thing with them. I’m sure Mr. Meherle (SP) – the founder of the company – is rolling over in his grave at the scandalous ways of the company now.

  73. Robert says:

    Ex-SF Employee,

    Would you be willing to talk to me any my lawyers?


  74. Molly says:

    All large companys lobby, don’t they?

  75. Robert says:

    Lobby and lie? Is that the same thing?

  76. Ex SF Employee says:

    I assume they all do – however, do they have criteria you can only be of one or the other political side? I hated it when we had an election a few years back and we lost the best insurance commissioner as she did not take kindly to State Farm and a couple of other companies regarding their business practices and she knocked down everything those companies brought to her. The way they do things is highly questionable if not unethical. *Treads out of thread for now shaking head at the State Farm Rah Rah Cheerleading Team*.

    BTW – I’m not pointing fingers at anyone – I just know there are those who think State Farm is all that and then some – can’t wait to see them get screwed and sit back and say, “Now WTF is wrong with them – my claim (or whatever) is legit and now SF is screwing me over – why?”.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been reading other websites this afternoon, and it seems Insurance Fraud is an estimated $30 BILLION dollar a year business, but all insurance companies together do not profit $20 billion a year.

    Current surveys taken in America reflect a permissive society that favor inflated insurance claims. Maybe insurance companies have kicked in to an investigative mode with reason.

  78. Admiral says:

    To Anonymous:

    you say they make 20b a year and lose 30b a year. Hmmm I aint no good at maph but I can see that that dog dunt swim.

    Please show links to your info.

  79. Molly says:

    Here is a good link: Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.
    1) 1 in 4 Americans say it is ok to defraud insurers
    2)8% say it is quite acceptable, 16% say somewhat acceptable
    3)10% Americans would commit fraud if they were sure they could get away with it
    4)29% would not report someone they knew that had committed fraud
    5)33% say it’s ok to exaggerate claims to make up deductible
    6) 25% say it’s ok to pad the claim to make up premiums paid
    7)70% of Americans say worker’s comp is widespread problem.
    8)1 in 4 fires is arson
    There is a lot more on that site. I scrolled through several others, too, but didn’t find the statistics listed previously.

  80. Robert says:

    I am sure fraud happens. But, we weren’t even there. We were at dinner. All our friends, neighbors and family thought we were on vacation. We came home 1 week early. Everyone thought we were traveling outside the country, apparently including the real criminals that did the crime. We had no reason to be involved. 7 years ago this happened.

  81. Admiral says:

    Molly the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud is ran by the insurance companies. Please look at their board of directors.

    Conflict of interest?? Discuss..

  82. Ex SF Employee says:

    I remember seeing that list distributed by State Farm to employees in either hard copy format or via emails/website links. It is the insurance companies who feed this kind of rot to people that make people supportive of insurance companies. Insurance companies are only there as a profit monger – they could care less about their customers. I got so tired of seeing that list every time I turned around – even in certain classes they offered to employees they would continually spout off those numbers and percentages. Only reason we continually saw those was a way to “make” the employees believe all of the brainwashing they continually tried to shove down our throats – SOMETHING I NEVER BOUGHT INTO. I know a scam when I see it and INSURANCE IS A SCAM.

  83. Admiral says:

    So true. In Virginia you can pay for insurance or pay a yearly $500.00 fee to not have insurance. We actually pay the yearly $500.00 fee. It is cheaper, and not a scam.

  84. Admiral says:

    for vehicles i forgot to mention ugh…. sorry..

  85. Screwed Too says:

    State Farm has a long history of screwing people, not paying claims and telling lies. The government will do nothing because they are shareholders in the company. Just like the government officials are shareholders in the oil companies. As long as they are making money from State Farm, honestly or dis-honestly with “Special Interest Groups” etc. The will not lift a finger to get control of State Farm. The public in general gets screwed by State Farm with the 100% approval of the government. Peoples lives are ruined everyday and something must be done.

  86. Screwed Too says:

    The story of Robert and his wife is way too common in america. This couple is innocent but really defenceless aganist State Farm and the government backing of State Farm and its dishonest policies.
    Until they are joined by many people or a few people with power, they will continue to suffer this disaster after the orignal disaster. It is not enough to say “I’m Sorry your life is ruined.” If anyone reading this wants to help them as I have contributed, do so. Send Robert a messege, he will tell you how to contact the lawyers.

    You or I could be the next victim of State Farm or any other one of these Insurance companies that are out of control.

  87. Molly says:

    Sorry if I quoted from an insurance agency website. I actually ache for Robert and his family and all innocent victims. It sounds like he got a bad adjuster. I stand firm in believing there is MUCH fraud committed against all insurance companies. ALL insurance companies deny claims -some that should be paid.
    NICB fraud indicators addresses all types of fraud, and there is a lot of information on line for them.
    I’ve personally known several people who committed fraud-one lady for a LOT of money,and got away with it because no one (including me) turned her in. It cost us all in premiums.
    My heart goes out to Robert and his family, and I hope there is a resolve in the future that will bring everyone peace and rest.

  88. Nancy says:

    We lost our home to mold contamination due to a covered loss / pipe burst. In the beginning State Farm paid small amounts but continuously ignored our claims for the major structural damage. My husband is permanently disabled. My children and I have medical problems that are ongoing. Never once did they tell us of the dangers of living in the house. All along they knew about the water inside the walls, etc. It took 1 year to find out why we were all so ill. Finally 3 years after the initial loss they flat out denied the claim. Our family and the life we built has been ruined. Our home, belonging, pets, cherished family photos and belonging all gone. But most important is the loss of our health and not knowing what the future holds. For 3 years SF did everything in their power to delay payment. They ask for receipts, canceled checks, photos, appraisals,etc. Everything was provided. They always have a new excuse not to pay.

    If you have 100 claims and you deny them all 50% of the people will walk away. The remaining 50% will try one more time. By the time SF has delayed and delayed and delayed only 1 out of the 100 original claims will actually seek out a lawyer and sue SF. Then you face years in the legal system. Even if you win in the state courts most appellate courts will overturn the lower courts decision or reduce the amount of punitive damages. Unless consumers in this country band together and fight the insurance lobby in Washington this will never change. The insurance companies run our country!

  89. Frank says:

    Steve, make no mistake State Farm is in the business of collecting premiums, not paying claims. They “investegated” my claim also. This intailed call their policy holder and asking him what happened. Despite this dirt bag receiving a ticket for running a red light and a real police investigation into the light sequence and intersection, they denied the claim to fix my car. This dirt bag told the officer the light turned yellow when he was about 20 feet from it. Their reason was that the policy holder told told them the light was green. The police report stated that it was evident the light was red when he entered the intersection. State Farm claims the despite the results of the investigation by the State Police officer, his findings are not relevant because he was not present at the time of the accident.

  90. Ex SF Employee says:

    Frank: They always dismiss a policeman’s report as the police weren’t at the scene. Wow that sounds so familiar – how many times in my 11 years working for them did I encounter that statement – hmmm – too many to even count. It’s a very sad state of affairs in the house of State Farm and gets worse day by day. As for anyone being a shareholder, I can attest to the fact that they are a mutual company and no shares are available – the government in any form does not hold any board seats of State Farm. If the company had to convert to being a stock company, some of their ill-doings would go away as they would be scrutinized more thoroughly. I just don’t know how they can live with themselves knowing how they’ve been responsible for ruining many people’s lives. I guess they have no conscience. I’m so glad I got out of the company – wish I’d done it sooner – but the money was too darned good for me to have to look in a city like Seattle to get that kind of money and then spend at least 4 hours a day commuting. They hold their pay scale as a carrot dangling in front of employees as they know they pay more than most other companies in the same market.

  91. Robert says:


  92. Robert says:

    After posting the truth here on this page, seems kinda strange that I get this e-mail. Could State Farm Insurance be behind this? Maybe? There is nobody else in my life ( past or present ) that would send me something like this. Makes me only wonder and not the least bit scared. Could I have hit a nerve? This is the e-mail as I got ot
    Saturday. It came from an e-maila ddress that doesn’t exist. Don’t worry State Farm, I will not rest til you free my wife, pay our claim and tell the world that you are sorry.


    How are you.

    Am very sorry for you my friend, is a pity that this is how your life is going to end as soon as you don’t comply.As you can see there is no need of introducing myself to you because I don’t have any business with you, my duty as I am mailing you now is just to KILL/ASSASINATE you and I have to do it as I have already been paid for that.

    Someone you call a friend wants you Dead by all means, and the person have spent a lot of money on this, the person also came to us and told me that he want you dead and he provided us with your name ,picture and other necessary information’s we needed about you. So I sent my boys to track you down and they have carried out the necessary investigation needed for the operation on you, and they have done that but I told them not to kill you that I will like to contact you and see if your life is Important to you or not since their findings shows that you are innocent.

    I called my client back and ask him of you email address which I didn’t tell him what I wanted to do with it and he gave it to me and I am using it to contact you now. As I am writing to you now my men are monitoring you and they are telling me everything about you.

    Now do you want to LIVE OR DIE? As someone has paid us to kill you. Get back to me now if you are ready to pay some fees to spare your life, If you are not ready for my help, then I will carry on with my job straight-up.



    Don 4.

  93. David says:

    Hey Robert, that letter looks like the work of State Farm, might be. You have rattled State Farms cages alot in this room. It is really a shame that no insurance adjuster or loss consultant has stepped up to help you. They are probably scared of this company as many people are. You have “balls” man. Don’t let up. You say what alot of people are scared to say to State Farm because they are at the mercy of those leaches. A great many people support your words and feel for your situation. What can we do to help? I wouldn’t settle for a small piece of State Farms ass.

  94. Robert says:

    Thank you David for your kind words and support. I had a company called Pro-Loss from Lousiana interested in helping but they got scared of State Farm and said that my lawyer wouldn’t cooperate giveing copies of documents. If anyone wants to help, please send a few dollars by PayPal to cm@xsus.com Attention: Patricia Sanders This money goes directly to my wife and not to lawyers that lie. Thank you all for your kind e-mails and the small donations to my wife..

  95. Robert says:

    And to add a note here. We are not the only victims of State Farm corruption. When this is all over we will set up a fund to help others that State Farm has SCREWED

  96. David says:

    Ok Robert,

    I just sent $50 dollars,

    Good luck and keep up the good fight.

  97. Ex SF Employee says:

    Sounds like either someone has read this Blog and wants to scare you or else State Farm has hired some of their goons to do their dirty work. If they do anything to you, your wife, your family, or anyone you are associated with, this is proof positive that State Farm is behind it. I am taking a screencap of this entire thread in order to ensure State Farm cannot erase traces of information that implicates them. The screencaptures will be kept in a very safe place. We have to look out for ones screwed by State Farm and we must try to do anything and everything possible to bring them to their knees.

  98. Wilson says:

    I just sent 50 also, good luck fighting the “Evil” State Farm

  99. Tabatha says:

    My husband and I donate 100 to help these people the State Farm has screwed

  100. screwed three says:

    State Farm’s policy is to delay paying out claims as long as possible, in the hopes that you will die before they have to pay you. i know, because they have just spent several years trying to not pay for a legitimate claim. my family paid high premiums for years, specifically to safeguard us against tragic incidents. if you take this company to court, they will drag it out as long as they possibly can and they will lie about you, misconstrue facts, and basically do everything they can to avoid paying you the money that they *owe* you (because your claim was covered under the policy and you paid your premiums like a good little customer). if you take any knowledge from reading this at all, let it be this: stay away from state farm.

  101. Franklin says:

    I am giving 50 dollars through the PayPal address listed above, to Robert and his wife to try to easy their suffering from these State Farm FREAKS that think they can play with peoples lives.
    Go get them Robert. God Bless

    Little Rock .

  102. Franklin says:

    By the way, we just changed from State Farm to another company.
    We went to http://www.paypal.com and sent the money also.


  103. Robert says:

    Did State Farm block me here too?

  104. Robert says:

    Dear Robert, We sent you and you family 100


  105. David says:

    You have our support and 50 bucks.


  106. Dana says:

    Robert and Patricia, Our prayters are with you in this bad time. We want to help, therefore we are making a donation to you and your wife of 500 Dollars. Please find it in your heart to keep your chin up and pray for the right thing to happen in the end.

    Dana and family

  107. Robert says:


    Thank you for your kind help. The lawyer that was involved in this was David Baum from Atlanta. This guy is a very bad lawyer. I have filed documents with the Georgia Bar Assoc. to take action aganist this liar/lawyer. This has been a nightmare and we have been lied to at every turn.

    State Farm,Attorney David Baum and Newton County Georgia District Attorney Officials are a band of thieves and liars. We will prevail in the end.


  108. I am going to confide in all of the rest of you, something that may, or may not, upset you greatly.

    I am a gay man, and beyond that, I am a very serious gay activist of considerably more than just minor note in my own community of Los Angeles California, or, as I prefer to refer to my “home-town”, “Le Pueblos De Los Angeles”, which is the original name of Los Angeles, and means, in English, “The Village of the Angels”.

    I have something to share with you about the concept of “community”.

    Long ago, far far away, when the first pioneers came to America, there were no such things as home insurance companies, there was no such thing as a concept of “pay for future protection”.

    How people lived then was very simple, one lived by the content of their character. If they were a good member of their community, in good standing, who was kind and charitable of others in need, then, if… GASP… GOD FORBID, a sudden lightening bolt struck from the sky and burned their house to the ground…. What did the community do?

    Well, back then, Bob the carpenter offered his services for free, john and Sandra, the local butchers, offered to take in the three children and care for them while the house was being built, Hosaijah, the local wood mill merchant, offered a substantial amount of donated lumber, Issac, the weirdo skinflint farmer who owned half the county, offered his hand in marriage…

    In short, the community took care of the community, a house burned down, and the community pitched in and rebuilt the home, a wife with three children lost a husband, and… well… the gossip chat began, and within three months a widowed man, with six children of his own, in need of a wife, was introduced to her… No, it wasn’t a “match made in heaven”, yes, the man was a tad overbearing, yes, the woman was a little too robust… but, heck, he needed a wife, she needed a husband, the kids were suffering from the lack of mothers and husbands… and… PEOPLE COMPROMISED, people UNDERSTOOD, life is about LOVE, not being a rock star….

    COMMUNITIES LOVED each other back then….

    There was no need for cold, hard, scheming companies that took your money, promised to help, and never came through…

    Neighbors, COMMUNITY, does not revoke their love to you on the basis of money, they insure you with LOVE.

    SO, perhaps, one of the persons out there, a person such as myself, who has lived much of his life in a state of utter contempt by most of the rest of the “community”, may teach you something about what it is that is a real community….

    In a real community, this darling elderly lady should have never needed a cold hard scam insurance company at all, in a real community, she should have been able to receive help from her local citizens.

    Just my two cents…


  109. Robert says:

    State Farm Insurance, David Baum Attorney in Fulton County Georgia, Newton County Georgia Office of the District Attorney are ALL thieves, liars and RATS

  110. Robert says:

    Dear, State Farm Insurance, David Baum Attorney in Fulton County Georgia, Newton County Georgia Office of the District Attorney:
    You will not stop me from telling the world about your heartless acts. You can’t keep the world from knowing what you have done. THE WORLD KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE. You are exposed to the world for what you really are:::

  111. Robert says:

    Thank you everyone for your support in our fight, we have been blessed with your help. The fight aganist the criminals goes on and will not be stopped. I am fighting from California to stop State Farm from doing this to other people. We thank you again. In closing, “RUN FROM STATE FARM”

  112. ProtectOurDoctorsandPatients says:

    I’ve read everyone’s comments and I completely agree that State Farm is really “Snake Farm” (as attorney’s refer to it). I’m not a customer of SF (and will never be) but I work in the medical industry and have encountered these same unethical and harrassing delay tactics (“deny, delay, and defend”) with physicians’ claims. The patients have paid their premiums, the doctors have provided their service, and SF is finding every excuse not to pay these claims. They’re requesting “additional information” from these doctors that is completely frivolous, time consuming, and harrassing in nature. I read the comment from Ex SF Employee about the suicide and I did try to find information about it and couldn’t. If anyone has any info on this, can you please share it with me? I’d like to pass this along to our attorney… thanks so much Robert for your persistence. Don’t give up.

  113. Robert says:

    Thank you and welcome to the club.

  114. Ex SF Employee says:

    ProtectOurDoctorsandPatients: I sure wish I had a hard copy of the article that was in the Chicago newspaper. I did have information about it on my PC which is in pieces and has been after a friend of my son’s pulled it totally apart and I don’t have the money to have things restored (too old of a computer tho to upgrade to today’s standards). If I can find anyone who might have any substantiation, I sure will have them post it here – I still have contact with some of my ex-co-workers. I do not know of anyone in the Illinois corporate headquarters who would be willing to come forward with that information. One thing I will say is that when the suicide took place, we were told to keep our mouths shut and not talk about it ever again. That tells me they like to cover up any tragedies that take place within the company also.

  115. ProtectOurDoctorsandPatients says:

    Ex SF Employee: Thank you for trying to locate that info. I would love to expose this about SF. This is such a powerful example of how unethical and dishonest they run their company. This happened at one of the hospital’s I work with and they are trying to keep it confidential but it’s hard to escape the implications that it was a horrible work environment. They’re trying to settle with the family now to keep it hush hush. Do you know when this happened or if they settled with the family? I’m sure they paid the family off and made them sign their rights away… similar to what Disney does.

  116. Robert says:

    Thank you David for your kind words and support. I had a company called Pro-Loss from Lousiana interested in helping but they got scared of State Farm and said that my lawyer wouldn’t cooperate giveing copies of documents. If anyone wants to help, please send a few dollars by PayPal to cm@xsus.com Attention: Patricia Sanders This money goes directly to my wife and not to lawyers that lie. Thank you all for your kind e-mails and the small donations to my wife..

  117. Dave says:

    All of the people who are sending money without knowing all of the facts should be cautious.

  118. Robert says:

    If you read the post above, you would know the facts.

    Thank you

  119. Robert says:

    The facts are stated above is these post and you are welcome to be cautious now.
    When state Farm Insurance does something like what that have done to so many people as well as my wife and I, “TO YOU”. Then you will fully understand that State Farm Insurance is out of control and you will fully understand the hardships that they put on people.


  120. Dave says:

    After reading the comments, it appears there is only one side given – yours.

  121. Robert says:

    We know what State Farms side is. LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES AND THEN CORRUPTION.

  122. Rob Painter says:

    State Farm doesn’t like me—

    I find it very interesting that my reputation proceeds me across the country. The other day in Florida a potential client criminal defense attorney asked a State Farm investigator if he ever heard of me. Interestingly enough, the investigator could not say enough bad about me. Keep in mind that I am from Wisconsin and I don’t know anyone from State Farm in Florida.
    State Farm and their representitive lawyers have tried to destroy me personally, even going so far as to have federal charges pressed on me in which I was exonerated!
    In California, in a civil case agaist State Farm, on their letter head, State Farm refused to accept me as the opposing expert with inaccurate court citations. It is a judge’s authority to determine who qualifies as an expert-not the insurance company.
    I expose their experts revealing that their opinions can not be supported by fact. I have with the client attorneys have cost them millions of dollars because of what is in my opinion their corrupt practices.
    If a State Farm, Allstate or Progressive investigator is speaking bad of me, I look at it as a calling card and a reference to attorneys looking to oppose these companies.
    If your car was stolen and you had nothing to do with the claim and the insurance company has an independent expert that says they have determined your key was last used, I am the one to contact.
    I am glad State Farm, Allstate and Progressive don’t like me!

  123. Robert says:

    Dear State Farm Insurance,
    Go to HELL, directly to HELL and do not collect two-hundred dollars. You have failed the public, myself and my wife. You are the worst insurance company on the face of the earth and need to be in HELL where you belong. From your Dis-honest owners, down to the last rotten agent, adjuster. You ALL are liars, cheats and thieves. You feed on the public to line your pockets with our money. GO TO HELL YOU ….SUCKERS…

  124. James says:

    Robert, you are a baby. If they did not fulfill there end of the contract any court of law would see that. The court systems are set up to go in favor of the insured so if there was any dought that State Farm was being unfair the court would rule in your favor. I deal with people like you everyday as an adjuster who want more than what should be owed to them according to the contract, They want to take advantage of the system because they think they are owed something more or they are underinsured.
    People like you make me sick, and you are the reason insurance rates are sky high. I have adjusted losses for them and other companies for 9 years and I have never seen State Farm turn down anything that was covered. I would love to to talk to your adjuster and find out the real story behind this.

  125. Robert says:

    James, you are freaking blind to think that any court of law will help you. Wait til you are in a position like we are and State Farm screws you like they have thousands of other people. You are an idiot to think that State Farm is a “Good Neighbor” Do you work for them? Sounds like you work for those worthless bastards. Justice is corrupt and State Farm are a bunch of RATS from HELL and thats where they belong.

  126. Robert says:

    James, You are probably the “Head RAT” at State Farm trying to save face. Don’t worry dude, everyone knows about State Farm and the low down dirty things that they do to people. If you want to be on a ship of rats, go ahead. Anyway, I have your baby right here. I call them as I see them and you are defending the most dishonest company in the United States, that says little for your state of mind. You have blinders on like alot of people, til the get screwed by this bunch of rats.

  127. Larry Sharp says:


    Why don’t you let some criminals break in, rob and destroy (burn) your home, and let State Farm screw you by trying to say that you are the criminal and see how you feel before you say that someone is a baby. You are taking StateFarm’s side aganist Robert and his wife. That’s crazy, that company is known for not paying claims and ripping off their own customers.

    I agree with Robert about StateFarm and will do anything that I can to help him and his wife aganist this very bad company.

    Lawrence Sharp

  128. Dear Robert and Larry,


    All of my Respect and Admiration to the both of you !!!

    Love First, Love Always, Love ONLY

    David Lee Frater

  129. Ex SF Employee says:


    I’d like to ask you one real important question. You said you are an adjustor. What regional office of SF do you work in? You are typical of the “rah rah cheerleading squad” SF loves to keep on as employees as those cheerleaders are the sheep who follow what they are told and buy into all of the brainwashing techniques SF uses on employees to buy into their line of happy horse hockey!

    I worked enough of years within the walls of SF to know for a fact all of the underhanded, low down, dirty tricks they use. They do lie even in court. Adjusters, claim handlers, and claim reps are coached on how to lie on the witness stand. All employees are told to not assist the police if questioned concerning ongoing cases – employees are told to refer all government entities to talk to the public relations people. And, for those who don’t work at SF, the public relations team is made up of more “yes men/women” who talk in circles in order to make SF look good.

    James, you are very typical of a SF brainwashed employee. Fess up – you work for SF!

  130. Robert says:

    Exactly my thoughts Ex-State Farm Employee. James is one of the RATS on the boat called STATE FARM.

    That boat will soon sink to hell…

  131. Ex SF Employee says:

    This is a question for all of the “rah rah SF cheerleaders.”

    If SF is so on the up and up, then why do they have to hire collection agencies to perform surveillance jobs? Sounds like they hire the people they know are unscrupulous to perform for them.

  132. Howard says:

    I’m an adjuster too, not for State Farm. I’m on the side of James. Robert is a whine-baby who wants everyone to believe HIS side of the story and send him money.

    My company (a competitor) is always wanting us to measure up to the standards of SF because their values are so high.

  133. Robert says:

    Howard, The truth hurts State Farm and offends you? I have all the money I need. You need to get real about your jaded view, State Farm is a bunch of liars. You will know if something like what happened to us happens to you or your loved ones. I am telling the truth, not just one side of the story. THE TRUTH. State Farm has NO standards and do not care for their clients. All State Farm wants is to collect their money every month, then fuck off the client any way possible when the client needs help.

  134. Robert says:

    Howard and James are both in the middle of the rip-off game and have never been a victim of the poison that they serve. You guys should be ashamed of your selves. You mama’s should be hiding their faces when people know what you do to people.

  135. Jennifer says:

    Oh Howard, please! You are a State Farm employee because I can smell stink when I read it. State Farm paid $39,000 (including 4500 deductible) to my husband and I after our Hurricane Ike claim. All contractor estimates total $54,000. SF says to get a civil engineer to prove that my ceilings were damaged by the hurricane. We’ve already replaced the roof and a broken upstairs window. The sub-floor was damaged but not the ceilings. Give me a break. Well, I didn’t hire that engineer but I did hire me a good lawyer. See ya in mitigation or litigation or whatever!!!
    Oh year as far as “upwriting” the policy to cover you for more. Don’t fall for it anyone because your deductible is based on the amount of the policy and not the actual value of the home. What a racket…..
    Disgruntled in Houston………..

  136. Jeff Laszewski says:

    I was in a car accident on 11-3-08 I have statefarm the other person had no insurance. Well I got hurt and does anyone think statefarm is there to help?? no they are kicking me when I’m down I’m broke can’t work I’m 100% screwed if anyone can help please e mail me jefflaszewski@hotmail.com

  137. Robert says:

    State Farm is going out of business because they screw their clients. I will do my part to make sure everyone know about these Dirty Rats. Yjey suck and I slander them with every breath. Bastards Die and Rot in HELL

  138. Ex SF Employee says:

    Jeff – may I ask a couple of questions? 1) What kinds of injuries did you suffer and who was at fault in the accident? 2) What kind of treatment have you received and was State Farm Notified you were/are seeking treatment for injuries? 3) What are they doing or not doing with your claim? 4) Were you disabled prior to the accident or have you become disabled since the accident? Just want a bit more information so myself and others can respond.

  139. Good bye State Farm says:

    State Farm is a big company but it is gaining a reputation as being a snobby and inflexible corporation…. they only take the best drivers while not offering the best prices. I just left State Farm after being with them for 12 years – since I started driving – and I am soooo happy. What happened to me was I switched over to Progressive because I would save over 200 dollars every 6 months. Who can blame me, especially in this economy? However, when I called State Farm to renew my insurance for the up-teenth time until my Progressive coverage started, they had already received my notice of cancelling my car insurance policy from my extremely wonderful new progressive agent. They REFUSED, after 12 years of loyal service with them, to renew my policy to cover 2 more weeks and the agent’s secretary was actually rude enough to say that it was because of my driving history. What a load of crap!!! I have had one accident in all my years of driving and it was 3 years ago..and yes, they knew about it…so that can’t be the real reason. The real reason is they suck. My parents were also with State Farm for about 20 years with no accidents and finally when my mom had a very minor one and State Farm made it obvious how little they actually like to help out their loyal customers…they switched not only their car insurance but their home insurance as well. My three sisters and brother….all at different times for different reasons for not being happy with State Farm, also switched their care insurance to someone else. I’m not at all suprised that there are so many of you out there are have been so displeased with this company. Spread the word to friends and family.

  140. Ex SF Employee says:

    @Good bye State Farm: Re: Your last sentence – “Spread the word to friends and family.”

    You better believe, even tho I was an employee of SF, I make sure I let everyone I can know about how awful the company is. I belong to two 3D chat sites and I make sure people I become friends with, even sometimes just general conversation with people on both, I make sure I let them also know about the underhanded and unprofessional way State Farm treats insureds, agents, employees, and claimants, as well as any other people they come in contact with. I also tell people I tell to pass the word along – I even direct people to sites like this where there are all kinds of different stories to share with the public to shed light on this very corrupt company.

  141. Robert says:

    My post are 100% accurate and true. State Farm will screw everyone when they have the chance.

    The owner of this blog makes no representation as to the accuracy of the comments posted below. The opinions expressed are strictly those of the commenter and may or may not reflect the owner’s. Comments are not edited (except in rare occasions by request and where noted), but may be removed at the blog owner’s discretion. See Title V, Section 230(c)(1) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

  142. In the same situation says:

    my husband and I have a similar story. We had a fire destroy most of our home our possessions and our beloved pet about 5-6 years ago 2003 our daughter at the time was 22 months. Since than we have spend $$$ on lawyers because State Farm denied our claim on the bases that their so called expert investigator found flammable material in the home. All lies of course. they claim that either my husband or my elderly dad deliberately started the fire. One problem with that theory no one was at home at the time of the fire or anywhere near the house. One other problem with their theory is that we had just spent thousand of dollars in remodeling the our house with a huge master bedroom and bathroom not to mention remodeling and decorating daughters room. We had also purchased several expensive pieces of furniture. No one in their right mind would set their house on fire after an expensive remodel. Funny though how we are not investigated by the fire department or the local police as a case for arson. That State Farm and its evil agent adjuster has been putting us through such ordeal it’s unbelievable. Fortunately both my husband and I have well paying jobs and can for the most part afford the cost of litigation for now. After five years we were offered the sum of 30 thousand by State Farm what a joke. We are finely going to trial I wish you all the best luck. One other thought if I was the CEO of State Farm or some other company or if we were famous I bet our house would be built no problem.

  143. bob says:


  144. bob says:

    get a job

  145. VESUVIA says:

    State Farm is the worst insurance company in the world!

    They lie to you; they waste your time; they do everything in their power to make sure you are not taken care of and you do not get reminbursed what you are owed for a claim! Their customer service is terrible. You will waste precious time and energy while their reps give you the run around and act unprofessional.

    I currently have multiple policies with state farm and plan to cancel and switch them all to another incurance company.

    AVOID STATE FARM – You don’t need the hassle or the stress of dealing with this company…not to mention the frustration and aggravation!

  146. jean says:

    yea now they hit me.I have been unable to maintain my home due to a hit and run accident in 07. we get 8 inches of rain and now I have damage.I helped my granddad build houses every summer of my childhood and into adult life and they are trying to tell me I have a leaking water pipe.I am very capable of fixing any plumbing problem.I have poor coordination due to the injuries but over the course of several weeks I could do it.I helped build this house and know it”s problems. This is roof related but I’m screwed i get to pay the $5000 to fix the roof . I can’t fix the inside until the roof is done and I’m now on long term disability. i sure wish I knew how I’m gonna earn this money.

  147. Jennifer says:

    April 17th, 2009 my house filled with sewage. We called state farm. They said they dont even need to come see the house, they will send their contractor out. They sent out what they called a “prefered vendor”. A contractor who will guarantee his work with a 5 year warranty. I will not have to pay them, state farm will. Great we thought! 30 years with State Farm what can go wrong?!?!
    The prefered vendor, tells us we have to move out for 2 weeks while they make repairs. we leave that night with very little. When I return in a few days, I see the contents of my house sitting either in the front yard or the back yard. We ask the vendor what the rules are on storeing our personal items, as they are being ruined. He never moves nor covers the items as promised. After this goes on for another week, I demand that state farm gets out to my home. They need to see my 6 month old a/c unit ruined. All my photos, the horrible smell protruding from my house, which I later learned was black mold. Long story short, the adjustor comes to my house and about falls out she is so sickened with what she sees. We all get together with the “vendor”. The adjustor turns on us and says its my fault. She denies state farm sent this vendor or even has this program. We lost everything in our home. The house is still sitting vacant. And I have never been through such a nightmare like this before. We are going to be forced to move back to the home next month. There are not a kitchen, appliances nor cabinets. No bath tubs, sinks, and the toilets are still in the yard where their vendor put them. Yes I have an attorney. However to sue a billion dollar company, they have more money to keep this going. I hope maybe one day we will have our home back.

  148. Allen says:

    I’ve worked in the Insurance industry for over 20 years. I worked for multiple companies and was always told and always did pay what we the company owned. I would not work any other way. State Farm has over 50,000 employees and 17,000 agent not including their staff members. Robert and his sypathsizers act like State Farm is one person and casts a broad brush of hate. Most of the folks I know are hard working honest people just trying to pay their bills like everyone else. Funny you don’t see many posts from State Farm employees who had their houses go down the river. They knew what was covered except they don’t cry about it. I just shake my head when I hear things like State Farm paying folks off including government officials. Tom look up! I’m sure there are black helicopters cicling as you read this. Out of the thousands and thousands of claims why is it that most people stay with State Farm, doesn’t make sense to the average man but then Tom you mustn’t be average.

  149. Beingscrewedbystatef*** says:

    Iam getting the run around from sf now, my house burned down and now they tell me they might want to see my phone records.. for what? because i live in the city is that why?

  150. Ex SF Employee says:


    They will give any kind of excuse to you as to why they want phone records – they are looking to see if you called anyone in certain time frames in order to try to put the blame on you saying that you contacted someone just a few minutes before the fire and that you set it up. That’s their usual MO on house fires or any other type of claim people make – they always want phone records. Unless your attorney gives the okay, I’d suggest you question them repeatedly until you get them to admit the real reason they want the records – so they can say you arsoned your own home.

  151. I just put up a website telling my story and experience with how State Farm treated me. http://statefarmwarning.com

    Within 48 hours of registering the domain name and before I even got the site up one of State Farm’s paralegal’s had contacted my hosting provider demanding they steal the domain from me and turn it over to them. Luckily my hosting company was not foolish enough to do that.

    If you would like to add your story to my website for others to read please visit my website and submit your story.

  152. Red says:

    When we first moved to Alabama from WI, we had to switch to a local State Farm agent. I had State Farm over 20 years–car & renters, and have NEVER made a claim! Our AL agent was an idiot, she kept “losing” our claim info, she “mixed up” the info on our TWO Saturn vehicles, she told us she never knew we wanted an additional rider to cover my expensive diamond ring, even though we had paid the increased premiums on it for months. It was problem after problem,and we were the perfect clients–we paid and paid and never made a claim.

    One day my husband was driving home from work and a huge dumptruck full of construction debris swerved off onto the shoulder of the road, sending debris flying. My husband swerved to avoid it and gnarled up lumber pieces hit the windshield and then he drove over it, causing a hole in the gas tank. We called State Farm and they said we were all covered – -take it to the shop and fix it. Because our idiot agent screwed up our vin numbers (we have TWO Saturns) the mechanic told my husband, you said you’re bringing in a Vue, this is an Ion, What’s going on?” PAM MURBUT, agent loser of the year never bothered to tell State Farm it was HER fault for messing up the VIN numbers. So, after telling us our relatively minor claim was approved, SF sent out a claims adjuster, who accused us of insurance fraud. He told us the mechanic said this damage could have been caused by normal wear and tear, LYING to us! The mechanic told US he told SF from the beginning this was clearly road hazard damage. The mechanic was only questioning the VIN numbers, which could have been resolved with a simple phone call. So, State Farm denied our claim, told us this was regular wear and tear damage, BUT they paid for a new windshield–a whopping $200 after our dedcutible. Then they RAISED our rates $800 a YEAR! GOOD BYE STATE FARM! LIARS, THIEVES, greedy crooks. BAD FAITH INSURANCE!

  153. Ex SF Employee, please send me an email. Thanks, Angela. angela russell 7 at excite dot com

  154. Ex SF Employee says:

    @statefarmsucks – are you Angela that lives in Chicago and works for State Farm or are you Angela that lives in Abingdon, Virginia and works for State Farm?

  155. Ex SF Employee says:

    @statefarmsucks – ignore the previous post – I understand now. :)

  156. Brad says:

    I owned a home in Omaha and was alone sleeping at about 2am on the morning of August 24th, 2009 when awakened to a window being smashed in my dining room. Without a weapon and having left my phone in the dining room, I sat, petrified in bed for 20 minutes as my home was ransacked. I was able to run out the back door when the assailant opened the front door to begin moving my belongings into my car (which he also stole after finding the keys) Although the police interviewed several people who knew the suspect and they did find several good fingerprints State Farm accused me of fraud. Finally, after 6 months and tired of their games, I sued them. The day before the court date I recieved a check. Attention policyholders- sue them immediately in small claims- they will automatically transfer it to district since their lawyers are not allowed in small claims. Then they will pay you unless they can prove fraud. State Farm will accuse you of fraud even with no reasonable suspicion. Do not beleive anything they tell you. TAKE THEM TO COURT AT THE DROP OF A HAT ! I cannot say enough how bad State Farm is- made an issue out of the fact that I was gay, made fun of my freinds and even called exes of mine in different states. – they tried to trash my reputation when THEY were the ones committing the fraud. Show them who’s boss or they will abuse you for months and make YOU look like the bad guy !For those of you who have State Farm- you have NO COVERAGE. That should worry you.

  157. Employee Forum for Current & EX State Farm Employees. You know who you are. Come weigh in! :) http://state-farm-employee-forum.blogspot.com/

  158. MIKE says:

    My state farm story: I was injured by an uninsured motorist and state farm said i did not have medical coverage. I asked them about my uninsured motorist coverage and they said it did not cover it. I sued and thier high priced attorney’s made it last 6 years. I won my case by jury trial then state farm appealed and a judge over ruled the jury and now they are garnising my wages to pay them back for the attorney fees. I hope i never have a good neighbor like that again.p.s 30 plus years as a state farm customer.

  159. Donald Trump's Hair says:

    Let me start by saying I wish no harm on anyone -I wish you all the best. That being said, none of your stories are true…

    This has turned into the most ridiculous compilation of fairy tales I have ever read. A few of you on here expect the rest of us to believe that State Farm wrongly accused you of fraud (something taken very seriously after extremely thorough investigations) and then paid authorities to organize conspiracies against you? And in addition, no part of our justice system found this wrong? And there is no media coverage of this? And State Farm is still the largest insurer in America? Excuse me if I find your stories a little hard to swallow.

    In addition to the fact that insurance is perhaps THE most regulated industry in the country, State Farm is also a mutual company… it is owned by its customers, not stockholders. No one gets rich from State Farm profiting – it only leads to lower premiums for its customers. In fact, if they profit well, they issue dividends back to customers.

    I work in the insurance industry, though not for State Farm. You can call me an “insurance rat” if it pleases you. However, as an independent adjuster, I have worked for State Farm on numerous occasions – and they are TOO leniant on coverage. They bend over backwards to try and pay claims, but they, like any ins company, do draw a line in the sand somewhere. If they didn’t, insurance would be too expensive to even purchase.

    Don’t get me wrong – I truly feel for all of you who are in bad situations – I mean that sincerely… but these “tales” you are telling simply cannot be true. There is no way a major, admitted insurer could wrongfully accuse you of fraud, or intentionally deny a valid claim, or PAY OFF AUTHORITIES. Stop with this.

    Occasional claims may be unjustly denied, but you can be assured that if that does happen and it is reviewed, State Farm would punish the adjuster who denied the claim. Stop the nonsense.

    Again, God bless all of you and best of luck with your situations. You can hate on me all you want, but I am speaking the truth.

  160. Randy says:

    I’d stick a knife up that teddy bear’s ass and send it back to them.

  161. Roni says:

    I live in Texas. We noticed a small leak in the ceiling of one of our bedrooms. I called my State Farm agent to ask what to do. He had a State Farm adjuster contact me. I told the adjuster that I would not know the extent of the damage until I got up into the attic and, if the problem was extensive, I would get back to him. Turned out the problem was fixed with a $1.65 tube of calk and a gallon of paint from Wal-Mart. So, of course, I never called the adjuster back. When my policy renewed, the rates had gone up substantially. Tried to switch my policy to Farmers Insurance but they refused, stating that State Farm had entered my name into a national data base as having filed a recent claim. I had absolutely no success in getting my name off of this list. The lady at The State Farm Corporate Office in Bloomington, IL never got back to me and although the Texas State Board of Insurance agreed what State Farm had done was wrong they said that there was no law against it. My opinion: DON’T BELIEVE STATE FARM TV ADDS. STAY AWAY FROM STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANY. They are a BAD NEIGHBOR, not your “good neighbor”.

  162. WTFSTATEFARM says:

    I am posting this here because I want everyone to know just how unqualified claim handlers can be at SF, they make these liability decisions with really no idea what they are doing.

    Recently at the State Farm Frederick Operations center they announced who they had promoted to a claim Rep, in Auto Claims, there are two levels of claim handlers in auto claims, claim processors and claim representatives, they are basically the same exact job. The claim rep. (which we call them liability specialists) in some claim situations they are the ones that determine who is truly at fault for the accident. Now mind you to become a claim rep. you have to interview for the same exact job you were already doing at the claim processor level, they don’t just promote you, oh no, you actually have to interview for the position and if you nail the interview and are related to someone at SF you will get the promotion. Now your past performance as a claim processor does not mean squat, your work product they do not care about, you can be a total screw-up and still be promoted. Typically most promotions are based solely on the fact of who people are related to and nothing else.

    Now if they need to look further than relatives to make their decision it does help to have a college degree, but you would think that if SF looks at degrees as a determining factor they would care whether or not the degree was from an actual accredited college right?

    Oh no not at all, they promoted someone who had obtained their degree from this so-called college:

    Hyles–Anderson College (HAC) is an unaccredited Independent Baptist college in unincorporated Crown Point, Lake County, Indiana.[2] As a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, it focuses on training pastors, missionaries and Christian teachers to work in Independent Baptist schools.

    These are some the classes they had to take in order to get their degree:

    There are separate requirements for male and female students for the same degree. For example, the Bachelor of Science Degree program has a “Curriculum for Ladies” that requires classes including “Home Decorating,” “Clothing Design” and “Understanding Your Husband.”

    and make sure you read the whole Wiki page..very interesting

    SF did tell another applicant that the reason they did not get promoted to a claim representative position was because they lacked a college, however they did have over 16 years experience of working for SF in various departments and they had extensive claim handling experience, they helped train claim handlers.

    Also the one that was promoted is related to someone very high up in company, the other person was related to no one at SF.

    I just thought you all would interested in knowing who you will be making those liability decisions on your claims, who SF promotes/hires makes a big difference in that decision and whether it is correct or not. Management will always stand by the decision of the handler even if they know it’s wrong.

    So the next time SF makes a liability decision you feel it is wrong ask about the qualifications of the person making that decision.

  163. RPT says:

    I work for a TICA Agent for a while and was lied to about pay, benifits, hours, duties and pretty much anything to do with getting me to start with him. Pay was to be base plus commision, never received any commision. I signed a contract with him before I started and ask for a copy which I never received. Now that I left I need a copy to show the non compete clause for any new employer. Corporate or the agent cannot come up with the contract. Corporate sent me one which said I electroniclly signed on a day I was not even in the state. I went to interveiw with a different agent w/SF thinking it was just the TICA Agent. I was wrong, this agent swore, cursed and was very angry in the interveiw. The main thing that surprised me was him saying that if he tells you something and has to tell you a second time you are fired. Really, not a good way to get employees. I am going to start my own independant agency (not w/SF) DO NOT WORK FOR STATE FARM. I STARTED DRINKING, GOT ULCERS, COULD NOT SLEEP, BECAME ALOOF TO MY WIFE AND FAMILY. JUST BECAUSE THEIR COMMERCIALS SHOW HONESTY AND INTEGRITY DOES NOT MEAN ANY OF THE AGENTS AND EMPLOYEES ARE. ALL OF THIS AFTER YOU HAVE YOUR LIFE, HEALTH, PROPERTY AND CASULTY LICENSES WHICH COST $1200.00 AND OVER 100 HOURS OF YOUR TIME, JUST TO MAKE LESS MONEY THAN IF I WORKED IN A FAST FOOD CHAIN.

  164. Meirzhan says:

    This is a question that canont be answered by others. Sometimes State Farm will be the best rate other times it will not. What you should do is shop around. I would start with some offices that may be referred by friends and definitely make sure a reputable independent agent is one of the places you visit (if you get a quote from at least 3 places chances are you will have a pretty competitive rate). Independent agents have access to more than preferred market where companies like State Farm, Farmers, Country Companies, Allstate, American Family use captive agents which only have access to one product their own.In the process of getting quotes you need to get an apples to apples comparisons. You can do this by giving each agent a copy of your current policy declarations pages, and tell them you would like a quote based on what you already have. To many times an agent will cut coverage corners in order to beat another quote. Another thing you should do is disclose any and all traffic tickets and the dates they occured as well as auto accidents even if they were not your fault. The companies will find out regardless and will raise your rates after the fact. You should be able to get a copy of your Motor Vehicle Records from the DMV. Also be willing to sign up for automatic payment plans, some companies give a decent discount as well as waiving the monthly billing fees.In your search I would avoid On-Line only companies like Geico, Esurance and any Direct version of a company that you can get through an agency. The reason they may sometimes be less expensive is because you have no agent, and you get what you pay for. So unless you are pretty savy with the whole insurance thing I would avoid these companies

  165. Stefan says:

    State Farm has just had some rate increases in varoius areas it depends on where you live.Typically, insurance rates will vary from State to State and can even vary by ZIPCODE! It also will depend on the type of car/truck, coverages, limits of liability, and driving record. Some companies run credit scores and MOST run a motor vehicle report and CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report to see about undisclosed accident involvement.The best thing to do is call a LOCAL independent agent. Don’t go across town, or to some other city look for someone CLOSE. Just look in the phone book for the PIA or Big I (Trusted Choice) logos and you will find a professional licensed agent that will be able to help you solve your insurance problems, and give you rate comparisons of several different companies. An independent insurance agent will normally have a dozen different companies and if he cannot help you, he should be networked with other local agents that can. In my agency, we have companies that do NOT run a credit score and welcome drivers with less than perfect driving records and specialize in youthful operators!Most of the replies on this site say go to this on-line carrier or that on-line carrier or that 1-800 number but I’m sure that when you do, you will find some impersonal computer user with a script to work from and you won’t be able to talk with the same person every time you have a problem!Good luck, drive RESPONSIBLY and I hope this helps!

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