Commonwealth Magazine

Commonwealth is the official magazine of the Virginia Association of Realtors. I've written most of it (and edited all of it) since April 2008.

USA Today

For almost four years I had a weekly column for USA Today on the social impact of technology.

The Roanoke Times

For four years I was a business and technology reporter for the Roanoke Times — a 90,000-circulation daily paper in Southwest Virginia.

Personal Writing

Sometimes I write things just for the heck of it, or I plan to publish it somewhere else but don't. Or maybe it was published elsewhere for a freelance job. In other words, these are things that I think are worth sharing, but that I didn't use for my "real" job.

Other Publications

I was a researcher and later a staff editor at PC Magazine back when there was no Internet to turn to. Instead, a million (!) people read every issue of PC Mag. I wrote the first articles about this new "Internet" thing, and even taught a brown-bag lunch for staff to explain what all the fuss was about.

I left PC Mag to join the brand-spanking-new Internet World magazine, taking the number-two job and helping the editor launch the publication. Back in the mid-1990s this was cutting-edge stuff, and I got to research and write about the latest and greatest. I also landed a lot of media appearances (60 Minutes! Good Morning America!) and speaking opportunities. Ah, the good ol' days.

Next up was relaunching Internet Shopper, a magazine from the same folks who made Internet World. Online shopping was new, and people were still afraid of it. Sadly, there wasn't enough interest in a monthly magazine; Shopper lasted five issues.

Then came Technology Decisions, where I was brought on to launch a technology magazine for the National Underwriter Company -- at the time, the Big Kahuna of insurance publishers. The goal was to create a magazine for IT folks at insurance carriers without being Yet Another Trade Mag. We hit the nail on the head with a book that was tech savvy but fun to read. Jumping into a market that already had two similar publications, Tech Decisions was number-two within a year, and was about to take the number-one spot when the company was sold. So... close....