I'm Andrew. I write things. I edit things.
I get messages out.

My thing is making any subject interesting and accessible — and yes, I mean any. I love a challenge.

I've got almost 20 years experience in creating magazines, developing Web sites, and generally "getting the message out" with large and small business and consumer publications.

I've covered technology, science, insurance and financial services, real estate, history, taxes, and a lot more. I've been a freelancer, a staff member, and a manager.

I've got a few other skills, too: photography, Photoshop, InDesign, and video editing among them. There are a lot of media these days.

September 24, 2015: I am making some major changes and updates to the site, so if it looks horrible... it won't stay that way!


Clips, clips, clips from the magazines, newspaper, and Web sites I've written for. A sampling that's growing and changing and that always needs updating.


Photography is one of my biggest hobbies, so I figured I'd put some pictures up here. (My videos are at youtube.com/andrewkantor, if you're interested.)

Legal Rights of Photographers

This is it — the definitive guide (at least for the U.S.) on what it's legal to take pictures of. Spoiler: You'll probably be surprised.

About Me

Want to know more? Here's a bit of additional detail about who I am and what I've done. Thrilling stuff, to be sure.