I’m Andrew. Nice to meet you.

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re curious who the heck I am. Well this is the right place.

Everyone needs a home on the Web — a place where people can point to you. It can be Twitter, LinkedIn, or another social media, or, if you’re old school like me, it can be an actual website. That’s what this is: A place for people who want to know “Andrew who?”



I love science and history, and I spend way too much time teaching myself about all sorts of odd subjects. These mini-obsessions last a week or two, or sometimes months: geocaching, hiking, woodworking, programming, racquetball, auto repair, and more. Some I stick with longer than others, but I get something out of them all.

I’m an amateur photographer and I love image and video editing. I enjoy thinking about the presentation of information — what’s the best way to tell someone what they need to know?

My degree’s in philosophy. It’s been more useful than you might think.

I read lots of non-fiction — history and science for the most part, but anything, really. And I read a ton of fiction — sci-fi, mystery, horror, or just plain lit.

Here, have some conversation starters…

  • I’m a pen snob; away with your cheap Bics!
  • I’m an INTJ, which obviously makes me smart, sexy, and humble.
  • I’m not addicted to Diet Coke (or Diet Dr Pepper), but I wish I was.
  • I just started drinking and appreciating coffee in the past few years.

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My thing is the presentation of information: making any topic clear, interesting, and sometimes fun — because that’s how you get people to understand it.

I’ve got more than 25 years’ experience in communications and marketing: from creating magazines and developing Web sites to writing articles, being social, crafting press releases, and creating marketing material.

I’ve worked for non-profits, associations, and small corporations; I’ve covered technology, science, insurance and financial services, real estate, pharmacy, history, taxes, and a lot more.

I’ve been a freelancer, a staff member, and a manager of almost a dozen people.

I’m hands-on: Besides the writing and editing, I step in with photography, HTML coding, Photoshop, InDesign, and video editing.

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What I can do

Write. Articles, press releases, marketing material, blog posts, research papers….

Develop. Websites, marketing strategies, branding, messaging campaigns….

Create. Magazines, websites, marketing material, posters, flyers, mailings, blogs….

Do media. Photoshop. Video editing. InDesign. Audio editing. No, I’m not an expert (see “Be up front,” above), but I’m solid in all of these.

Research. Trends, people, best practices, science, financials, and so on, ad infinitum. I learned as a reporter never to take a press release at face value.

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